Clothes with li zi juice, how to quickly washed - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-20
You when to eat fruit will not carefully juice drops on the clothes, if not immediately wash, and it is hard to wash away when dry. Below small make up just to share cherries juice cleaning method.

1, the new wiping stains can be used strong brine corrupt place, or spill salt on corrupt place immediately, with handle gently rub, wash water wetting after immersed in detergent solution, also can use warm water to rub soap wash.

2, heavy trace and passed to clear, can use first 5% ammonia and organic acids in fruit, and then clean with detergent. To contain the wool polyester blended fabric with tartaric acid cleaning.

3, such as the fabric is white, can add a few drops of ammonia in 3% of hydrogen peroxide, dip in with cotton ball or cloth this solution will be contamination wetting, again with a clean cloth to wipe brush, air-dried.

4, 3 - 5% sodium hypochlorite solution wiping stains, then use clean water. If passed, it can be soaked in the solution 1 Two hours later, scrub and rinse again.
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