Clothing dyeing don't be afraid, a bar of soap dyeing clothes - could have been saved Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-18
Lovely white dress was dyed can't solve? Believe that everyone has this painful experience, sometimes hard to avoid because of lazy or careless, make white clothes with other colors. The past clothing dyeing, tend to skip with bleached white, not only taste is bad smell, clothes is easier to yellow in the long term. But as long as the use of crystal soap, can easily rescue the dyeing clothes.

prepare material:

1. A piece of crystal soap

2. Holding or big pot

3. Clip

4. Hot water

Step1 prepared hot soapy water

in accordance with the size of bowl, about one 5 of the first plane into filaments or cut into small pieces, crystal soap or direct purchase soap silk, completely dissolved into the pot boil until soap. If there is no way to fire outside rent a house, can also add hot water and soap dissolve.

Step2 clothes in soapy water for

after flameout, immediately stir in dyeing clothes in the pot, soaked clothes can be picked up a few minutes later. Please don't in order to quickly, let the clothes have been rolled in boiling water, it hurts clothing material, it will break.

if clothing contains wool composition, please don't do this, the wool in hot water will shrink, so do not apply.

Step3 laundry after soaking

after soaking, soak the clothes in cold water, or in the washing machine to do a second cleaning, by this time the color of the clothes will change back to the original. If the effect is still not clear, can repeat step 1 and step 2 a few times more, can significantly improve clothing problem. Finally whether this method is effective, at least we try hard for this dress, but still suggest that we don't really wash deep light color clothes are mixed together again, is really a solution.
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