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by:Jingliang     2020-07-22
Coating fabric has the advantages of novel fabrics, color bright, comfortable feel, now more and more used on the clothing fabric, also is one of the fabrics of people prefer, but the subsequent washing problems became everybody encountered difficulties, delaminating, cracking a bad headache, so how coating fabrics should wash? Then take you to learn together!

coating fabrics is what?

coating fabric is a kind of fabrics treated by a special process, coating to the mixture of rubber and resin material. It can make the fabric surface to form a uniform layer of covering material, so as to achieve the waterproof, windproof, breathable, and other functions.

coating fabrics, advantages and disadvantages of


advantages mainly in a variety of coating fabrics, feel is soft, smooth surface, close skin sex strong, rich colors, good gloss, durable endurance, etc. , due to the complexity of the production process is higher, and the classification of the process a lot of, so the processing of coating fabric also can be divided into different categories, each category has its own unique protective coating fabrics function, can be applied to different fields, it is becoming the key factor of important protective fabric coating fabrics.


the shortcoming of coated fabrics, also be the said product close skin sex is good, but as a close-fitting clothing fabrics, it is not very suitable, especially for summer wear, its heat is too strong, can let a person damage from high temperature, and heat preservation is very poor, so everyday clothes are very rare made of coated fabrics.

the other coating fabrics fouling resistance is very poor, easy to various stains pollution, cleaning time if too much force will cause cracking. ( Fabric features)

coating fabric washing

1. Why can't the coating fabrics dry cleaning?

coating fabrics is increasing in recent years, both down jacket, cotton-padded clothes, casual wear and sportswear, the economy model is popular clothing or expensive designer, will use coating fabrics. Owing to use synthetic resin coating material, the resin material is not resistant to dry cleaning solvents, such as the pce dry cleaning, can cause the local foaming; Brunet fabrics can produce light strip or irregular shape of imprinting; Some coating fabrics will produce coating dissolve and permeate outside, feel is sticky; Moreover can harden, bending rupture. Some dry cleaning can be a problem at a time, some dry cleaning after several problems, such as blister, deformation, dissolved, shrunk. Therefore, coating fabrics must be changed to wash.

2. Coated fabric washing?

in the first place, the coating material can only be washed, of course, if improper washing method also cause accidents, such as machine wash, strong washing and so on are no good.

clean coating fabric, should first its soft, with warm water, then put the right amount of neutral detergent gentle hand,

clean down at the time of screw must not to twist twist to squeeze the moisture and down along the extrusion, finished rinse again, then squeeze to remove moisture.

must not be under the sun, in the open air.

need attention are: coating fabrics cleaning time not too long, otherwise it will deformation, tearing, delaminating, cause irreparable damage.
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