Comprehensive analysis to the laundry Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-29
Detergent industry in recent years, technological innovation and product development are around the environment protection and sustainable development, such as product of phosphating, enrichment, environmental protection, green, etc. Laundry sheet is one of in recent years the rapid development of new varieties, and have a certain share in the European and American market. Laundry sheet wrapped in biodegradable material is a kind of appearance, internal filling concentrated laundry detergent tablets, transport storage is compressed flake solid, transportation convenient storage easy; Under the condition of washing can rapid disintegration and dissolution, achieve ideal cleaning effect.

laundry is easy to use, environmental protection and saving, the characteristics of the green. Foreign market survey, consumers think tablet than powdered detergent use more convenient, effect is better. Tablet is easy to measure, its scale is also easy to understand; Don't need a meter batching apparatus, etc. It also can avoid to consumer dissatisfaction with the amount of a too much or too little. The small size of high concentration in the form of product packaging, in the process of transportation and storage are more & other; Green environmental protection & throughout; 。 Therefore, flake detergent in domestic has the development potential is very clothes with washing the new agent.

“ Accurate washing & throughout; The & other; Concentrated laundry sheet & throughout; Will lead the trend, in the domestic washing market create their own territory. For household cleaning products, the emergence of a variety of packaging metering is not or something new. In the past, the existing measuring spoon, plastic cups and other various types of meter. The dosage of the detergent directly affects the washing effect, and different hardness of washing water, different types of dirt and clothing and determines the best dosage of detergent used. Concentrated laundry detergent and the emergence of new super concentrated powder detergent with good water solubility and rapid dispersion.

this washing performance in reducing water consumption of detergent and washing is especially important when in low temperature. Good dissolve dispersion properties of concentrated laundry detergent is a special request, the performance is affected by factors such as raw materials and manufacturing process of the ring. First introduced modern general distribution ball can be effective for washing powder, through it, the various types of washing powder or liquid detergent can be directly added to the drum of the washing machine. A simple and ingenious device avoids many problems, it makes the highly active content of detergent hanging from a distribution box machine inside become easy soluble in cold water. In the washing, after the completion of the addition of liquid fabric softener can still be in this way.

overall, flake detergent brought convenience to consumers, but also puts forward new requirements to master formula. Flake detergent is very convenient in use, it is called & other; The revolution of detergent & throughout; , it should be consumer demand for more convenient washing product and be able to develop rapidly. Flake detergent wash can not only provide a stronger force, but also makes the washing process more simple and more economy, because no requirement detergent when washing, it can reduce waste and save time. In the retail of sheets detergent of each package, with a specially designed spread a net, in which can join the two pieces of detergent, then put the net join detergent in the machine of garment. The use of spread a net is to ensure that the tablet in the best way to evenly dispersed in the process of washing.

development trend and technology at home and abroad in recent years, the detergent industry technical innovation and product development are around the environment protection and sustainable development, such as product of phosphating and enrichment. Laundry tablets is a rapid development in recent years one of the new varieties.
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