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by:Jingliang     2020-07-23
Corduroy clothing to wear will have a very the feeling of restoring ancient ways, was now a lot of fashionable personage, but very troublesome corduroy fabrics do rise. Below small make up to you about corduroy clothing will shrink in the wash?

corduroy clothing will shrink in the wash? Pay attention to the water temperature is the key

corduroy fabric after washing clothes is likely to shrink phenomenon. Corduroy fabric in the washing clothes, need to pay attention to the control of water temperature, if you worry about clothes shrink, don't try to avoid when washing temperature is too high, corduroy is woven fabrics, this kind of fabric shrinkage problem completely depends on the fabric out process, if the factory made the processing of preshrinking, so made, garment fabrics shrink will greatly reduce! Give priority to with cotton corduroy materials generally, also have and polyester, acrylic and polyurethane fibre blended or mixed.

corduroy vertical pile formed by the surface of the fabric, for cutting knitting fleece, consists of two parts, wool and to organizations. By shearing, brushing after processing, the fabric surface is shaped like a wick of obvious uplift pile, thus its name. Belongs to high-grade fabrics in the 50 s and 60 s, in those days corduroy also called rush down, corduroy, velvet, also belong to the expensive fabric goods.

corduroy clothing washing note

1, corduroy laundry wear comfortable, casual, it mostly, leisure, as people's household laundry. This laundry with rules of villi, so in the laundry, iron fan and lW defect: be careful not to make the villi and deformation. Always press with a soft brush fluff consequent gently brush away the dust and can play a role wool, at the same time also can maintain a good appearance.

2, corduroy laundry can wash with water, but not with washboard scrub, more do not wash with bristle brush to brush. Laundry on the oily be soiled, can remove oily be soiled, then put it in the laundry detergent soak 5 ~ 10 minutes, then wash with washing machine is light 2 minutes or rub to wash by hand. Do not force turned on after washing, but hard to squeeze the water on the laundry. It doesn't nap, crease or influence burnish.

3, corduroy, deep dark kind of such as coffee, bordeaux, blackish green color such as laundry, commonly used direct dyeing, tend to produce rub off phenomenon. So don't get along with other colors when washed corduroy laundry to wash together, otherwise will produce color pollution.

4, ironing corduroy, iron can not be directly in the above, this fluff will overwhelm and generate the aurora. Iron had better choose steam spray type, temperature in 180 ℃, gently back and forth. Burning, dou not jet, the need to cover spray wet cotton on laundry. Just finished ironing corduroy laundry don't wear immediately, otherwise easy to deformation.
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