Cotton and spandex fabrics like cotton and spandex fabric advantages - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-21
Cotton and spandex fabric? Cotton and spandex fabric, cotton is the environmental health of pure natural fabrics, and spandex is a kind of excellent flexibility synthetic fiber, has a very high scale elasticity, in recent years has been widely applied in the development of elastic fabric. Because of containing spandex stretch fabric feel soft, good elasticity, made of clothing wear comfortable, casual, can also display the human body is beautiful, so is used for elastic underwear, swimwear, sports pants and all kinds of fashionable garment fabrics. Thus cotton + spandex the combination of these two kinds of fabric textile more and more application in underwear in finished products. 。 Cotton + spandex, cloth smooth, elastic, absorbing water performance is good, feel is good, permeability is the first choice for high-end clothing, lycra and other products.

cotton and spandex fabrics like cotton and spandex fabric advantages

by soft cotton + spandex production of underwear, a beautiful model, the elastic close-fitting feel like human & other Layer 2 skin & throughout; 。 It is not easy to produce too much wrinkle, won't make the person feel bloated after wearing again, its elastic characteristics make the person wearing freely, no longer feel the bondage of underwear.
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