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by:Jingliang     2020-07-23
Cotton cleaning method have? How to wash not to rub off?

one of cotton-padded clothes washing method:

the washing method:

1, the cotton soaked in water, using soap, local knead by hand.

2, cotton-padded clothes even gently, stacked neatly, put into the washing machine to dry.

3, remove the cotton-padded clothes, gently with the hand, make it fluffy.

4, after drying, dab cotton-padded clothes, make it back to

cotton-padded clothes cleaning method # 2:

hand wash, do not dry cleaning. Because the dry cleaning tetrachloroethylene. After the skin to absorb the gas, can cause cancer, cause dizziness, nausea and other symptoms.

can be used to wash clean and gentle laundry detergent to wash. Dry cleaning with strong tetrachloroethylene bleaching, after washing clean, but you this material after washing the strength of the fibre will become weak. If you want to dress a crisp and very spare clothes, it is recommended that regular hand washing.

cotton-padded clothes cleaning method # 3:

has shown can machine wash not dry cleaning, that is to say this kind of fabric is not able to dry-clean, so you can soak cotton-padded clothes with warm water and detergent, hand gently knead, quite dirty place can be a lot more emphasis to rub, wash, rinse with water thoroughly wash, finally can use the washing machine to dry.

also can use the washing machine, washing machine was a as a soft, you can directly according to the soft, it can also be cotton-padded clothes to wash clean, washed by hand and at the same way. Black cotton-padded jacket, cotton-padded clothes cleaning method of four: the material is 100% cotton, dry cleaning found edge rub off after severe ( Cuff, seams, etc) 。

wash before use hot water soak for a while, spinach or use salt water to soak for a while and then wash, will relieve rub off when washing dirty place first washing as the key, and then bubble washing powder rub good cleaning cotton-padded clothes soon after cleaning method of three elements:

a, decontamination supplies infants and young children special laundry detergent or natural soap powder

2, water temperature, please to control the water temperature of 40 & deg; The following

3, soaking time with 10 minutes advisable. Specific operating procedures: better support cotton-padded clothes washed by hand and machine wash

1, hand washing, please wash by hand grasp, don't rub the

2, machine wash with weak stream, please don't and the cotton clothes washing

3, please make the cotton-padded clothes after wash after dehydration, Rinse after dehydration can save water oh) , and then rinse clean and tidy after dehydration, the sun hung to dry. Please do not close to the heating oven, in order to avoid cotton fiber is inactive, affect the wearing quality.

4, collect the clothes to dry hands after flap, see: is a new cotton-padded clothes
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