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by:Jingliang     2020-07-24
How cotton-padded clothes washing correct maintenance? Cotton-padded clothes is winter street, the commonly used equipment, but due to solid color cotton clothes and flexibility is poor, so a lot of people are made difficult on cleaning maintenance, that how to correct washing maintenance beloved cotton-padded clothes?

up knowledge: in cotton-padded clothes inside, have a seam small labels bearing maintenance and washing instructions, and 90% of the ( Coated) Cotton-padded clothes to wash, dry cleaning, machine wash of avoid by all means, because the dry cleaning with the potion will affect the warmth, also can make cloth ageing. And machine wash and dry, screwed after mixing the cotton-padded clothes, easily lead to uneven filling, make clothing contorts, affect beautiful and warmth retention property.

cotton-padded clothes washing method:

method a 30 degrees, the water rinse

the cotton-padded clothes in cold water soak for 30 minutes, has fully wet the cotton-padded jacket, both inside and outside. 30 degrees will be neutral detergent into the warm water, then cotton-padded jacket into it for a quarter of an hour, and then gently rub and turn, and make clothes surface touch some dirt dissolved, then at the neckline, the place such as chest, placket, cuff to wipe a little soap.

gently scrub with a soft brush again according to the fabric structure; Rinse with warm water, can be conducive to detergent fully dissolved in water, rinse the cleaner can make cotton-padded clothes. Water to wash down jacket had better choose sunny sunny day, must be timely to dry clean, in case the mildew, a peculiar smell.

2, the use of detergent concentration too much

if must use detergent cleaning cotton-padded jacket, usually two basin into 4 to 5 TBSP water washing powder advisable, if the concentration is too high, difficult to rinse clean, cotton, feather in the residues of washing powder, can affect the volume of cotton, greatly reduce the warmth retention property.

method three, it is best to use a neutral detergent

neutral detergent minimal damage on cloth, cotton, using alkaline detergents, if you don't net rinse, residual detergents will cause damage to the cotton-padded jacket, down jacket, and easy to leave white marks in the surface of clothes, affect beautiful. Remove residual alkaline detergents, but after rinse twice.

in warm water to join the two small spoon vinegar, add the vinegar water must be warm, so washing liquid of cotton-padded jacket would fully dissolved in the water. Cotton-padded jacket to soak for a while then rinse, vinegar can neutralize alkaline detergent. Clothes for soap stains, usable and clean cotton dipped in industrial alcohol is wiped repeatedly, final reoccupy a hot towel to wipe brush, soap stains can be removed.

method four, cannot twist

cotton-padded jacket, down jacket dry-cleaned, cannot twist dry, should be the moisture extrusion, and tile or hang to dry, prohibit exposure, don't be ironed, so as not to burn clothing. After dry, can gently, make cotton-padded clothes fluffy soft recovery.

method 5, local clean

if the cotton-padded clothes is only partial a bit dirty, as long as the net smudgy place a few drops of collars or detergent, use a wet towel to dry in a few minutes can decontamination. If you don't clean it again, can be repeated several times more.

6, cotton-padded jacket, can use dry cleaning method

dip in with towel gasoline in the neckline, cuffs, the place such as the front wiping gently, oil removal after wiping with a dry towel with gasoline, wearing after stay clean gasoline volatilization.

cotton-padded jacket and maintenance methods:

method a, if there is no obvious dirty mark cotton-padded jacket, down jacket, doesn't need a new cotton-padded jacket, cleaning with breathable items ( Such as sorting bags) Wrap, put a grain of camphor ball to prevent bug eat by moth, then stored in ventilated dry inside the wardrobe, pay attention to the above not be under pressure.

method two, summer and fall much rain, after the rainy season, had better take out your cotton-padded jacket air dry, prevent mildew; If found to have mildew, usable cotton ball with alcohol to clean, scrub with a clean wet towel clean and dry after appearing again properly. But not in the sun exposure, or new clothes are likely to fade into the old clothes.

method three, remove collect good cotton-padded jacket, down jacket to wear before use, can use first small stick gently blows, to reply the status of fluffy.

method four, cotton-padded jacket, down jacket is placed in the compression bag storage, long-term compression can cost down or heat preservation layer elastic to reduce heat preservation performance.

method five, if do not use for a long time, suggest a time to sort out a cotton-padded jacket, to make it fully stretch and dry.

method six, bread can remove oil stains: clothes during the dinner conversation, clothes if dyed by oil stains, usable fresh white bread gently friction, oil stains can be removed.
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