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by:Jingliang     2020-07-22
Cotton wool draperies wool? Pure cotton, polyester-cotton, pilling will grind MAO's bed is tasted, if quality is bad, will also be dropping. Pure linen sleeping won't shed hair, but useful linen ramie instead of on the market, will also be dropping. Flocculant will fall MAO bamboo fiber. As people to high quality life style, for bedding choice also attention, particularly sheets as an aid in the decorative fabrics, bedding on the market more common bed sheet fabric with pure cotton, blended as the main raw material, use the organization such as plain, twill, jacquard, new sheet has the fast and durable, beautiful patterns, feel is pretty cool, cloth cover is flat and level, the advantages of both practical and decorative. So how to solve the problem of velveteen draperies wool?

the solution:

1, you can use vinegar to wash, this method is mainly aimed at red or purple colored cotton sheets bedding bag, etc. Specific operation method is the clean sheet bedding bag when it is ok to use the vinegar water to immerse first, need not too long. Need to be aware of a problem here is that the vinegar water concentration is not too high, or it will cause certain damage to fabrics, give some light color sheet bedding bag dyeing.

2, you can use the toilet water to clean. A few drops on clean water toilet water, then wash good sheet bedding bag soaking in the water for 10 minutes. Washing clothes in this way can also have the effect of disinfection sterilization and removal of sweat.

3, finally, a method is to use the soaking beer to wash the sheets, first half pot of water, then pour 1/2 of beer in the water, add a little bit of blue ink, stir to mix well. Put faded quilt cover in the soaking, can take out after half an hour, wash with water, dry can.
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