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by:Jingliang     2020-07-21
In life, we often because of your stubborn stains, let oneself to do. Tommy laundry experts to teach you today with a coup to remove the following nine kinds of stubborn stains, let the stain problem no longer bother you, let's learn:

edible oil stains: use gasoline or chlorinated volatile solvent to remove such as carbon, the residual part to use alcohol to clean.

soy sauce stains: new soy sauce stains can use cold water to brush again, first with detergent to clean; Aged and ammonia scrubbing stains can be used warm water to join detergent.

shoes: gasoline and alcohol wipes are available, and then wash with soap.

urine: new stains can use warm water or 10% concentration of ammonia scrubbing, aged stain with detergent and then washed with ammonia, first part is qualitative with citric acid.

fruit juice stains: clean with 5% concentration of ammonia liquid first, then use neutral detergent, but ammonia has damage to the pure wool is qualitative, use less as far as possible, available ning can wash acid or soap, alcohol also have certain effect.

ice cream stain: available petrol wipe, and then leave to vaporize clean.

wine stains: new besmirch available water, aged stain of borax aqueous cleaning with ammonia, qualitative material available oxalic acid.

coffee, tea, the available ammonia water cleaning, silk, wool material available neutral detergent soak 10 - 20 minutes and then clean, or clean with 10% concentration of the glycerol solution.

vomit stains: available gasoline after wiping, with a 5% concentration of ammonia to wipe, and then rinse with warm water, also can use wet 10% concentration of ammonia will vomit, reoccupy soap liquid to wipe with alcohol added, finally clean with neutral detergent.
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