Eight major advantages of laundry tablets close - to keep you feel satisfied Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-29
Laundry as a new type of washing products, laundry sheet composition is amino acid surfactant, powerful scouring factor, anionic surfactant, cationic surfactant, essence. Adopt the mode of global raw material supply, to ensure the best quality raw material to produce, raw materials in the process of transport refrigeration technology, the use of advanced seal to ensure the purity of materials, to achieve the best effect.

the eight advantages let you feel satisfied with intimate

1, healthy environmental protection does not contain phosphorus, do not contain harmful chemicals such as fluorescent whitening agent, don't worry about it will bring bad effects of the body. Underwear garment wash together, the whole family to the old man, down to the child can be at ease use. Also won't cause pollution to the environment, more environmentally friendly.

2, deep clean application
advanced nanotechnology, and up to 54. 5% of nano super concentrated can active matter content, its excellent easily clear the variety of stubborn stains on the clothes, get rid of harmful substances, a trace. Clean protective clothing, keep clothes clean and bright.

3, PH value for the
do not contain strong alkaline, neutral PH value, gentle no stimulation. Does not hurt the hand does not hurt the clothes, will not have a burning sensation and aglow phenomenon of skin, protect clothes in quality and service life.

4, light simple convenient
small volume, light weight, use easily, convenient to store. When traveling to carry, store will not be affected with damp be affected with damp, the phenomenon such as condensation.

5, affordable
one of 4 g laundry, wash 3 & ndash; More than 4 kg clothes, decrease The Times of the laundry clothes a fix. Wash more, save more. The kitchen and other places are difficult to remove stains can be used. Effect of ips, time is more save money.

6, unique scent
specially added comfortable and pleasant scent, lasting fragrance make clothes for 12 & ndash; 36 hours, fragrant but not strong, pure and fresh and natural, make you confident and attractive, sending out unique charm.

7, low foam Yi Piao
use of Germany's top nano cleaning technology and clean force doubled, easy to rinse, no residue. 8, fashionable avant-courier,

laundry is now very trendy way of washing, is more conform to the requirements of the modern washing habits and washing products, choice, do the washing. The birth of science and technology change life, is not only a new cleaning products, but also an era of change, is reached a new level of science and technology, a more advantage product appeared in front of us, this is a great progress of human science and technology.

using nanotechnology, breakthrough before washing, deep clean, or sheet form, simple and practical, make cleaning easier, healthier, more environmentally friendly. Which is not only the influence of changes in our daily life, especially for the construction of environmental protection of the ecological environment to actively practice, jointly maintain the survival of future generations and our natural environment.

from the laundry soap to the washing powder, and then to laundry detergent, now, laundry yao the world appearance, marks a new era of laundry has begun!
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