Emerged - laundry tablets Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-30
In the traditional washing supplies industry, accelerate the cleaning products from several manufacturers of transformation and upgrading, and to promote the new products, achieve the ideal effect, is among the more famous pieces of laundry.

it is understood that such new products of washing laundry tablets and the traditional washing supplies the distinction that having essence, nontoxic and harmless is its most obvious characteristic. Testing data showed that nearly ninety percent of laundry detergent, laundry detergent were added in the traditional washing supplies, including p, fluorescent whitening agent and so on many kinds of chemicals. These chemicals although has certain effect in clean stains, but will pose a threat to human health directly or indirectly, will not only cause potential damage to the skin, more will affect the absorption of trace elements in the body.

laundry tablets are mainly composed of natural ingredients, do not add any chemicals, including coconut oil extracted from the coconut oil amide propyl betaine ( Amphoteric surfactants) , as well as in biological resources as raw material to produce non-ionic, anionic surfactants, fundamentally eliminate the washing product may cause harm to human body. Laundry biodegradable, no harm to the environment.

in addition, in terms of clean effect, the adoption of natural substance composition, laundry on the basis of effective to remove stains, more can let his clothes bright as new, durable antibacterial, suitable for all kinds of fabric texture.

, experts say, standing in the Angle of industry transformation, new washing laundry pieces and products for people's health, building, environmental protection has contributed to green cleaning products market, we have reason to thumb up.
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