Environmental health laundry tablets is the mainstream of washing products - in the future Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-29
Washing categories for how many years, daily chemical industry can say is extremely stable, long-term by the soap, powder, liquid rule of this a few products in the market, even the laundry detergent can be & other; New & throughout; Category. But people are fed up with washing powder scattered on, also don't like carrying a big barrel of laundry detergent, laundry tablets all a kind of new products, new standard defines health laundry! Laundry is a kind of brand-new, convenient alternatives to traditional washing powder and detergent products. There is an obvious advantage in detergency, than traditional detergent lighter smaller and more environmentally friendly. Laundry is nano super concentrated in Germany technology to develop and become a kind of multi-functional ecological washing products.

by the China environmental science society, the organization's environmental benefit evaluation and technological achievements appraisal, the national invention patent product, compared with the traditional way, greatly improving the product's decontamination capability, no phosphorus, no added, does not hurt the hand, washing in water can be decomposed quickly melt, releasing nanoscale clean small molecules, deeper more thoroughly purify the deposition in the obstinate stains on the clothes.

made of a facility, using nanometer technology super concentrated laundry, small volume, light weight, easy to store, carry, use rise also is very convenient and quick.

2, adopt green natural green health formula, ensure that do not contain fluorescent whitening agent and other hazards to human health and the environment composition, gentle no stimulation at the same time, unlike traditional washing products have strong alkali, the harm of the clothes is almost zero.

3, the joining together of multiple effect besides clean function, also with the aseptic, care, stay sweet, and other functions, eliminating the extra inputs such as detergent, fabric softener, perfume.

4, economical and practical one box of laundry laundry amount equal to 7. 5 kg laundry detergent, price is less than one half of it, the price is very friendly. Is what has been discussed above, laundry washing industry to realize green development, a breakthrough in the transformation of health. It is not hard to see in the future in the market for washing, washing powder, laundry detergent and other traditional washing products will gradually lose competitiveness, lose their living space. We also have reason to believe that a belong to the age of the laundry tablets is kicked off, a healthy green new washing mode, will bring about a new wave of washing at home.
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