Everybody for baby wash clothes will use the laundry? - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-29
Small jiing Suggestions in baby clothes washing supplies, must take into account the baby skin is more tender, and the resistance is weak, so as a food and clothing live line all aspects of life can not be careless, so the friend said to the laundry is a very good choice, in the laundry on the washing industry a rookie innovation product, comparing traditional laundry products, there are many advantages to breakthrough, especially in energy conservation and environmental protection can be embodied in many aspects, in the product composition is also using the latest nano biotechnology, has reduced the product idea from clean up health problems, it is also the improvement of living state, laundry tablet really is a super practical choice of baby clothing washing preferred health. Let little jiing introduce everyone to laundry tablets.

a laundry piece of action, detergency, surfactant containing multiple performance strong combination, jie force strong, can clear the variety of stubborn stains on the clothes, keep clothes clean and bright.
2, fragrant, refreshing scent, from opening the package, to the clothes to dry, fragrant, fresh, your clothes send out fresh fragrance.
3, nursing clothes, a new detergent formulation, and nursing clothes, make clothes more submissive, double effect.
4, moderate does not hurt the hand, do not contain phosphorus, PH value is close to neutral, gentle, protect your hands.
5, low foam, foam less, bleaching 淸 extremely easily, less water, more economical, more environmentally friendly.
6, color fastness, after repeated experiments proved that the laundry can protect the clothes and do not fade, increasing number of wearing clothes.
7, instant under the influence of water, no matter high and low water temperature, laundry tablets with water immediately dissolved.
eight, mouldproof and moth-proofing, bacteriostatic longer, and have mouldproof and moth-proofing function, caress the health of the whole family.
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