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Exhibition Review | Elite Sunshine at Shanghai CBE Beauty Expo

Exhibition Review | Elite Sunshine at Shanghai CBE Beauty Expo


The 27th CBE Shanghai Beauty Expo came to an end on May 14th, 2023 at Shanghai New International Expo Centre (Pudong). As China's No.1 professional cosmetic exhibition, CBE Shanghai Beauty Expo is known as "China's Four Famous Exhibitions" together with Canton Fair, Shanghai Fair and China Expo, and its influence is self-evident. The 3-day exhibition gathered nearly 1,000 enterprises from all over China, and beauty brands and international buyers from all over the world gathered together to exchange and co-operate, and share business opportunities.

Laundry gel beads, as a sub-category in the daily chemical industry, are rapidly emerging in the domestic market with the increasing pursuit of living standards, and laundry gel beads have become the new favourite of many young people. According to the data analysis provided by Daily Chemistry Smart Cloud, online e-commerce data shows that laundry gel ranks second in sales among all sub-categories of clothing washing and care, second only to laundry detergent, with an outstanding growth in ringgit.

In this exhibition, Foshan Jingliang Daily Chemical Products Co., Ltd. showed up at Shanghai Beauty Expo with its laundry products of various styles, different formulas and functions. As a daily chemical products company dealing with laundry gel, dishwashing gel, dishwashing block, flooring beads, pet beads and laundry tablets, Jingliang's laundry products gained unanimous high praise from on-site visitors as soon as they appeared on the stage. During the exhibition, many exhibitors have thrown rugby balls to our Elite Bright team.


At the exhibition site, our Elite team introduced the function, efficacy and usage of Elite Laundry Gel in detail, and also introduced the packaging design of Elite Laundry Gel in detail. With the advanced technology and green attributes of environmental protection, Jingliang Gel Beads successfully captured the attention and praise of exhibitors, and gained the unanimous praise of merchants from all over the world, and the exhibitors were unceasingly inundated, making Jingliang Exhibition Hall a highlight of this year's Beauty Expo.

Under the background of new consumption and new retail, we, Jingliang Daily Chemical Products Company, are constantly improving our own strength and innovation ability to keep up with the trend of the times and changes in consumer trends. In addition, we are constantly improving our product structure, enriching our product lines, broadening our marketing channels and increasing our market investment. The future of China's daily chemical market will be the era of national products and international brands "competing on the same stage".

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