Grinding wool bedding fabrics, please - to the body Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-18
Grinding wool bedding fabrics to the body? Combed cotton yarn fabric is a kind of high-grade, it adopted in production and processing of unique ways to carry on the processing production, so the entire product comfort and warm performance is quite good. Many consumers may be on the choice of cotton fabric and wool fabric, wandering, so we'll see what grinding wool fabrics together is good, wear wool fabrics have what advantage, let consumers are more likely to choose.

wool fabrics production grinding

we want to know the stand or fall of wool fabrics, grinding, of course, the first know grinding of wool fabrics make way. Grinding wool fabric in production will be grey cloth after pretreatment, the cloth processing of bright and clean level off, the ground is used to wrap the MAO sand skin friction roller in cloth, grinding out a layer of fluff on the cloth, then coupled with the late processing so that the whole grinding wool fabric is produced.

grinding wool fabric type

for different methods of materials, grinding of wool fabrics after different classification, mainly based on MAO's types such as common grinding, waterproof, water carbon brush MAO MAO, etc. , different hair types corresponding to different kinds of grinding wool fabrics. MAO is burning on grinding hair, such as our common in the market of all polyester several skin velvet, peach skin, Italian cotton velvet, etc. Besides, there are steel stab the kinds of wool fabrics such as lycra indiana velvet, knitting grinding all kinds of wool fabrics, and so on. That is grinding wool fabric has a different choice, you need to choose what kind of type which varieties of grinding wool fabrics.

grinding characteristics of wool fabrics,

grinding is a kind of fabric has the characteristics of wool fabrics, mill wool fabrics production bedding in the winter has the characteristics of soft, warm and comfortable. Better because MAO, grinding wool fabrics must be reactive printing, so the above fabrics pattern is unique. Soft, rich and comfortable texture, trailer is grinding wool fabrics such as sense of strong, easy to care more lead consumer features, especially when using grinding wool fabrics is very close, a warm, soft comfortable feel. Than the average cotton fabrics, wool fabrics grinding advantage more, so it is very popular among consumers.

mill wool fabric development

for consumers, when trying to choose natural is more willing to choose comfort and so on various aspects have a big advantage of wool fabrics, grinding and grinding wool fabrics is due to the wool fabrics by the exquisite grinding process, MAO style, alone, in the textile industry is new, so future development is also pretty good, in continuously improve and improve the grinding wool fabric will have more outstanding performance.

grinding wool fabrics choose

for today's market, such as grinding wool fabric better fabric will have more merchants processing and manufacturing, consumers must be careful when the choose and buy some, avoid buying fakes, or buy the type of poor quality, loss is uneconomic.
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