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How do laundry detergent pods work? What are its advantages?

How do laundry detergent pods work? What are its advantages?


As laundry detergent pods become more and more popular, laundry detergent pods are getting more and more attention, and more and more problems follow. For example, is the effect of laundry detergent pods good? What are the advantages of laundry detergent pods? Speaking of the effect of laundry detergent pods, it can be divided into: cleaning effect, antibacterial effect, color protection effect and fragrance effect. Let's take a look at the various effects of laundry detergent pods and the advantages of laundry detergent pods one. The cleaning effect of laundry detergent pods.

1.First look at its cleaning effect.

People who are accustomed to using laundry detergent often question its cleaning ability because of the small size of laundry detergent pods. After all, it is difficult to believe that a small laundry bead can clean a whole drum of clothes. In fact, don't worry, the laundry detergent pods are all concentrated formulas and do not contain moisture. The cleaning factor contained in each laundry bead is equivalent to 8 caps of standard laundry detergent. Moreover, trillions of natural stain removing enzyme molecules can be added to each laundry bead, which can penetrate deeply into the inside of clothing fibers, and can clean all visible and invisible stains, and even the "old stains" 7 days ago "It can also be easily washed, especially blood stains and oil stains, which we usually worry about leaving marks if not cleaned properly. From this, the cleaning effect of laundry detergent pods is relatively good.

2. Antibacterial effect of laundry detergent pods

Clothes taken out in the changing seasons are stored for a long time. Although the surface looks clean, it is inevitable that some dust mites and bacteria will breed. When washing clothes, the sterilization step should not be taken lightly! Laundry detergent pods can usually be made into multi-chamber, adding green sterilization function. Laundry detergent pods with German Pro-Tech sterilization factor can effectively remove common bacteria, and the sterilization rate is as high as 99.999%, so that bacteria have nowhere to hide. In addition, the laundry detergent pods with antibacterial function can also provide long-term antibacterial protection for up to 72 hours. Even if it is dry in the rainy days, it will not breed bacteria and cause itchy skin. Clean clothes can be worn with peace of mind.

3. The color protection effect of laundry detergent pods

In the cleaning work of a large number of clothes in the changing seasons, the most troublesome problem is the problem of color smearing or fading of clothes. Laundry detergent pods with added color protection factor came into being in response to this. It adopts Liby's unique 3D color protection patent technology. When the clothes are rotated at a high speed in the washing machine, the dye factors in the clothes may fall off, but the 3D color protection factor will wrap the fallen dye factors, make them dispersed in the water, and be rinsed in time without causing color smearing Case. After washing, the clothes are not only bright as new, but also have a faint taste of fresh grapefruit, fresh and sweet, suitable for spring~

4. Fragrance effect of laundry detergent pods

To make clothes smell good, you can also add fragrance detergent pods to the laundry detergent pods. Fragrance detergent pods not only last for 3-5 days after washing once, deodorize and remove odor, but also protect clothing with bright and bright color, add color and smoothness and eliminate static electricity. The special fragrance it holds can also prevent the breeding and reproduction of bacteria and mosquitoes. and love.

5. Advantages of Laundry detergent pods

1. Strong cleaning power, 4 times cleaning power, easy to rinse 4 times concentrated cleansing essence, containing multi-efficiency surfactants and cold water enzymes, can easily remove stubborn stains on necklines, cuffs, sweat, oil, blood, milk, urine, etc. A variety of stubborn stains;

2. Convenient, 1 piece is done, saving time and worry. It is easy and convenient, saving time and worry. The "softness overcomes rigidity" film wrapped in laundry detergent pods dissolves instantly and leaves no residue, which is efficient and hygienic and does not stain hands;

  3. Color-locking protective clothing, fragrant and lasting unique color-locking formula and odor-removing factor, ensure that the washed clothes are whiter, the color clothes are more bright, and the fragrance lasts for the nose.

4. It dissolves instantly in water, low foam and easy to float. It is an imported brand of European production technology. The shell of the condensate bead is resistant to high temperature and high pressure, but it dissolves instantly in water without residue. It is an advanced "low-foam concentrated formula".

5. Never add any fluorescent agent harmful chemicals, the whole family can use baby clothes and adult underwear with confidence.

  6. The fragrance lasts for a long time, and the laundry detergent pods of good quality can leave the fragrance for about 8 hours after washing the clothes.

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