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How does double cavity laundry gel work, what are the advantages of laundry gel?

How does double cavity laundry gel work, what are the advantages of laundry gel?


Laundry gel beads, is a crystal clear PVA water soluble film packaging film washing products, looks like a water bead-like objects, water that is dissolved, at room temperature in a waterless environment does not dissolve and does not seepage. 8 times clean, gentle and efficient, no residue, no added fluorescent agents. Laundry gel beads on the market to get the majority of consumers, now the best-selling laundry gel beads are also a wide range of both single-chamber, double-chamber and even multi-chamber, the shape is also colourful. This also causes a lot of trouble for everyone's choice. In fact, we then choose the laundry gel beads than so tangled, according to the need to buy on the line, if the amount of laundry can choose a small grams of single-cavity laundry gel beads, in addition to pay attention to the difference in the function of the purchased laundry gel beads, whether or not to add natural enzymes, whether or not there is an 8-fold clean power, etc., double-cavity or multi-cavity laundry gel beads are very good, because they can be more than a cavity to the effect of the different functions of the different cavity, so that you can avoid the need for different This can avoid different functions added in the same cavity will affect each other.

Advantages of laundry gel beads:
1. Strong cleaning power, easy to rinse. 4 times concentrated cleaning essence, containing multiple performance surfactants and cold water enzyme, can easily get rid of collar, cuffs stubborn stains, sweat stains, oil stains, blood stains, milk stains, urine stains and other stubborn stains.
2. Easy and convenient, save time and worry. Laundry gel beads wrapped in the "soft and strong" film, dissolved when encountered, and no residue, efficient and hygienic and do not dirty hands.
3. Lock the colour and protect the clothes, and the fragrance lasts long. Unique colour-locking formula and odour elimination factor ensure that the washed clothes are whiter and more colourful, with long-lasting fragrance.
4. It dissolves in water, low foaming and easy to bleach. European production technology imported brands, beads shell resistance to high temperature and high pressure, and dissolved in water, no residue, advanced "low-foam concentrated formula".  

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