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by:Jingliang     2020-07-22
Summer perspires much, people almost every day to wash clothes. I found some clothes after washing a dry would be fade, crease problem.

how to make clothes is smooth and fast in summer?

deep color clothes in the strong sunlight exposure is easy to fade. Often use washing machines wash his clothes, and high-speed rotation will put the clothes are all intertwined, if the air is basked in in the right way, the clothes will be wrinkled, will also be tensile deformation.

when washing clothes with color, add 1 to 2 tablespoons vinegar to the detergent, can prevent clothes fade. Man-made fibre clothes or easy faded clothes, in 5% salt water to immerse, reoccupy cold water washing, also can prevent clothes fade. When washing with design T-shirt, T-shirt inside out to clean, the pattern will not damage clothes.

after many clothes to wash directly on the sun exposure, exposure may cause harm to the clothing fibers, often affect their normal life. So in colourful clothes drying, silk garments, chemical fiber clothes, the best clothes, in turn, in a cool, ventilated place dry. Drying clothes, the clothes don't twist too dry, dry with water, with the hand will skirt flattening, collar, sleeves, this dry clothes will keep smooth, not wrinkled.

if it is to use the washing machine wash clothes, should immediately after washing out to dry. Washing machine high speed rotating, clothes will be intertwined, put on hold after a long time, clothing folds as not easy fade. After out from washing clothes in the dryer, shake a shake, jilt a, will be cleft stretch pat down, keep flat after can let the clothes dry. Especially shirt, cotton clothes, sheets for easy to fold clothes, more to level off and then hang up, clothes can be smooth as new.
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