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by:Jingliang     2020-07-28
Mother is the world's greatest career, starting from the day you were born 365 days, never rest, day after day, year & hellip; … … We grew up, mother went to the old, we run to speed faster, running again far, also could not run mother stumbles, I don't catch the time, but I can let my mother's eyes bloomed in happiness. In the love of mother festival as children, we should choose mothers favorite is really good, using at ease and comfort, with a thoughtful gift.

mom as a bears the burden of responsibility, the role of housework very hard, washing clothes is mother need to do the housework every day, today is a great variety of all kinds of washing products, variety, product quality and safety is a major problem, many well-known brands of washing products are also even add fluorescent agent and other harmful ingredients, long-term use can cause great harm to human body.

the laundry slice of the world's first nano green environmental protection new technology formula from Germany scientific research institution, the clean is 6 times of the laundry detergent, antiseptic divide mite rate is as high as 99%, nonpoisonous and harmless, no fluorescent agent, the baby young adults use at ease. Laundry sheet changed so some characteristics of detergent, laundry detergent, solid flake, small size, easy to carry, formula of environmental protection and decontamination.

when using instant, under the influence of water and waste water after washing will not have an adverse effect on the environment for a long time, will degrade over time, and the biggest feature is the laundry to neutral, it does not hurt the hand, not dry hands, low foam products, with the washing machine is also easy to clean.

, storage is very convenient in use and carry. Function, in addition to the above said laundry tablets have mouldproof and moth-proofing, soft features, so washing clothes to wear in the body is more comfortable, store and more at ease. And it is whether you use cold water or hot water, are all the same very good wash, can quickly dissolved in water, leaving no residue. Dried clothes more soft fragrance, more durable.

most love to mother company, pay attention to health, take good care of your hands, from the beginning!
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