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by:Jingliang     2020-07-28
Life, many people used the dirty clothes in the washing machine, laundry in the washing powder or laundry detergent and water. Washing powder is powdery substance, not easily dissolved solution, with hydration open to play a better clean effect. Although laundry detergent is liquid material, compared the washing powder dissolved some easily, but earlier in the clothing in the process of laundry detergent, liquid easy to stick on the clothing, the laundry is not caused by net, residual phenomenon as liquid as mucus. Although compared with detergent laundry simpler, without waiting for dissolved in full, but still not easy way.

in the 21st century global washing laundry sliced new way products, even started to get out the laundry detergent, with it, you don't have to worry about dirty clothes to wash not clean, also need not to separate black and white clothes from the washing. Save save electricity, easier then the fast consumable, turns head is extremely high.

laundry tablets of advantages:

laundry tablets using the latest nanotechnology basically has the following several advantages

1, save save electricity and save water, save worry save Labour, fast consumable, turns head is too high for a 4 g can be 3 kg clothes cleaning, clean force is 6 times of the laundry detergent, weight is 1/25 laundry detergent.

2, water soluble formula, small molecules more thorough cleaning, neutral formula p does not hurt the hand, do not hurt the clothing, the baby skin also does not hurt oh

3, without fluorescent whitening agent, natural health, underwear, baby clothes are no problem, PH value neutral, washing clothes of water can raise fish.

4, very easy to use, storage, and convenient to carry. Instant washing in the water, 3 seconds, without any residue. In both to put before your laundry and laundry as stay together, or in the place drop after washing the clothes into the laundry, all can completely dissolved.

we still use strong alkaline detergent and domestic heavy laundry detergent! Have to admit that this is the gap! You can search using washing powder and detergent exactly how long will hurt our! Wash the clothes color is changed, hand desquamate, dressed in just wash skin is urticant, wash not clean, especially the clean underwear, residues and throughout your clothes & still; Leave & throughout; And so on. I believe that everyone goes through!

now, could you to this new product is strange, after all, in the domestic basically do not heard of laundry this is what east east! But, my friends, when we first began to learn about the laundry tablets, in fact, the European and American countries have begun to vigorously popularizing use laundry! Laundry laundry efficiency and environmental protection, are far beyond the traditional washing products, that is why Europe and the United States strongly recommended laundry products. Is the most mainstream of washing products will be the future & ndash; — The laundry!
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