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In view of the safety of customers, attention should be paid to find a laundry gel factory in Guangdong.

In view of the safety of customers, attention should be paid to find a laundry gel factory in Guangdong.


Laundry gel is a single dosage of liquid detergent encapsulated in a water-soluble PVA film. Each time you wash, you just need to put one gel into the washing machine and it can be used for washing. Not only does it simplify the washing process, but it also allows more washing and care functions to be incorporated into the formulation. However, because it changes the presentation of traditional laundry detergents, it brings some new challenges to the process, especially in terms of safety.
Into China's Gel Beads Market. Gel beads show a small overall size but rapid development in China. Many consumers have started to try this new type of product because of its novel form, translucent and colourful appearance, and comprehensive function claims, etc. After using it, they are attracted by its efficient cleansing power, ease of use and strong and long-lasting fragrance.

In recent years, China's product development and production capacity of gel beads has also made significant progress. The market for gel beads is no longer dominated by one company, and more companies are constantly launching new products, with more and more diversified product forms, functional choices and packaging forms. It is with the healthy competition among enterprises and the cultivation of the market, this new detergent is more and more favoured by consumers, especially young consumers. Some young mothers have also joined the ranks of laundry gel fans, laundry gel unique product form, baby accidental contact with the product may cause the risk of accidental exposure, the safety of laundry gel can not be ignored. Therefore, we must consider whether the factory has the ability to eliminate this risk when we are looking for a laundry gel OEM factory in Guangdong.

I. First of all, let's understand the way of the gel injury
Europe and the United States countries use a long history of laundry gel, many of the gel injury accidents also took the lead in these countries, and even in the United States occurred a number of children accidentally ingested the gel leading to the death of the incident, a moment of great concern to the community. Because of the bright colours and miniature shapes of the gels, children are prone to misuse them as candies. In an article published by Procter & Gamble in 2018, a study was conducted on the attractiveness of different gelatin bead colours and shapes to children aged 12 to 36 months. However, the results showed that different colours (including blue, white, purple, etc.), different colour contrasts (light blue/blue/dark blue vs. green/blue/white, and different shapes (single cavity/multiple cavities) had a comparable effect on children's final grasping behaviour. Therefore, until now, most of the international companies mostly use suitable packaging forms to reduce the risk of accidental ingestion by children, rather than changing the colour or shape of the gel.

According to the records of the UK National Poisons Information Service (NPIS) (Table), between 1st May 2009 and 30th July 2012, there were 1,486 records related to exposure to gelatine products. The vast majority of records were related to children under 5 years of age (>95.6%). The majority of these injuries occurred in the home (>99%) and most were related to ingestion (81.8%). Also included were some records related to eye contact (7.4%) and skin contact (1.3%).
The vast majority of these recorded incidents did not result in serious injuries, but some still produced symptoms such as depression of the central nervous system and eye irritation. The exact cause of the CNS damage from the gels is not known, but studies have suggested that it may be related to the high concentrations of nonionic surfactants, anionic surfactants, and alcohols contained in the gel formulations. Eye damage from gels is also thought to be related to surfactants rather than pH. These data are a reminder that reducing the likelihood of children coming into contact with gels is an effective way to reduce injury, such as placing gels out of the reach of children and providing reliable packaging design.


II. What are the measures we can take to prevent injuries caused by gelatine beads?
1. Adopt safe packaging design for product use
Packaging of laundry gel products should be designed so that they cannot be easily opened by children, thus further reducing the likelihood of children coming into contact with the product. For example, the following aspects of design reduce the likelihood of children coming into contact with the product.
(1) The package should be designed so that it can be opened with both hands. For children, especially children under the age of 3, the ability to work with both hands is not yet perfect, and the two-handed opening of the package greatly increases the chance of children opening the package without authorisation and accidentally coming into contact with the product.
(2) The package needs to be opened with a certain amount of force. Increase the power to open the package will also effectively increase the difficulty of children to open the package, thereby reducing the possibility of children accidentally contacting the product.
(3) The package should be easy to re-close. This is mainly to enable consumers to easily close the package after each use of the product, to ensure that the product is not being used when the package is closed. The packaging should also not be designed to be difficult to re-close, as this in turn discourages consumers from closing the packaging after using the product, thus increasing the potential risk of accidental contact with the product by children.
2. Bitterness should be added to the outer film of the product.
When a child accidentally touches the product and puts it into his mouth, the bitter agent in the outer film of the product will produce an unpleasant feeling in the child, so that he can spit out the product to avoid the risk of accidental ingestion or even choking.
3. Safety labelling of product packaging
Product packaging should use eye-catching, uniform safety markings, so as to effectively warn consumers to place the product out of the reach of children, as well as the emergency treatment when children accidentally contacted.
4. Matters we should pay attention to when looking for a laundry gel factory in Guangdong
To sum up, when we look for laundry gel manufacturers in Guangdong, we should choose, can provide safe packaging manufacturers, manufacturers use the gel packaging film should be added to the bitter agent, in addition to our own in the selection of packaging should also require manufacturers to post safety signs.

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