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by:Jingliang     2020-07-29
Under one, first let us know the changes of catharsis things:

innovation environmental protection laundry tablets and is not a simple do laundry detergent and the laundry detergent or as a solid flake, unlike formula of laundry detergent washing powder, it is the nature of the difference, it is to use nano enrichment technology, a new formula is made and be become, it changes the traditional XiDiPin form, into flake preparation, can be more rapid, more healthy, more control of dosage, compared with the traditional washing supplies functions more perfect, more affordable price.

2, analyze the difference between the detergent, laundry detergent, laundry

1. Most of the traditional detergent with phosphorus, brightener, help lotion, can stimulate the skin, have an impact on health. Commonly used to help lotion to liver damage, whitening agent can damage the skin cutin layer, make the skin becomes coarse. In addition, too much synthetic fragrance smell is very thick, often causes some allergies. Fluorescent whitening agent itself is a kind of toxic substances, invading the body too much, will do great harm to health. We use wet hand to grab will feel detergent washing powder in exothermic, this is the basic substance p in the detergent and other chemicals that are on our skin.

2. General detergents contain fluorescent agent, fluorescent agent not as easy as general chemical composition is broken down, but to accumulate in the body, produce many harmful effects, greatly reduce the human body immunity; Fluorescent agent and the wound of protein, but also hinder the wound healing; Fluorescent agent can make human body cell appears variability tendency, its toxic accumulation in the liver and other vital organs, will become a potential carcinogenic factors.

damaged blood system: chemicals easily contaminated blood, while blood has certain self-purification ability, trace amounts of harmful substances into the among them, will be diluted, decomposition, adsorption, and discharge, but long-term, large amounts of toxic substances, poured into the, will cause the qualitative change; Enter blood circulation, can destroy the membrane of red blood cells, causing hemolysis phenomenon.

3. Laundry tablets, there are two major product: the enrichment and the string of dye absorption tablet laundry, is a new kind of washing products, change the configuration of the previous washing products, light easy to carry is its obvious characteristics, because it does not contain fluorescent whitening agent, phosphorus and other harmful ingredients, popular mass market gradually become a new generation of washing products, this is a kind of neutral synthetic detergent.

laundry implementation of overcome the traditional quantitative washing detergent, laundry detergent used in the measurement of trival, namely save washing supplies, its environmental characteristics of the low foam super concentrated and save water, gradually in domestic promoted.

so, it is not hard to find, human social economy high speed development and improvement of living standards, consumers leading products, the washing industry on the new changes, what is really high quality, guaranteed, green healthy washing products to win the public reputation. At the same time, we also believe that, laundry washing products as a new generation of health, to help consumers away from the tradition of washing products of fluorescent whitening agent, help to reduce the harmful material in traditional washing product pollution to the environment, will attract more people choose and become the main products of home, business travel out laundry.
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