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by:Jingliang     2020-07-18
In summer, the temperature is rising. Many housewives worried about family health often large-scale cleaning in the home. But here small make up remind consumers, in cleaning up home health dead Angle, don't forget to clean up looks very clean when washing machine inside the cylinder. Here is to introduce the inside the washing machine drum cleaning tips, hope to be of help.

it is very important to a washing machine, daily maintenance

1, store in ventilated dry place, avoid in a bathroom.

2, under the drain must be higher than the drainage pipe, water can not be left on the drainage tube.

3, when not to pick the filter bag hanging outside and let it fully dry.

4, wash the clothes take out immediately, don't stuffy inside.

5, washes the clothes must put out all the water in the washing machine and open air, in order to avoid the remaining water inside the machine form microbial breeding grounds.

6, drainage pipeline had better use clean water to wash after each use.

7, after the top open the door of the washing machine used to dry water inside with dry dishcloth, side door of the washing machine in addition to dry the water from the washer mounted on the door, lest cause mould.

2, washing machine cleaning frequency: once every three months

in general, new washing machine use after six months, should be disinfected every two or three months at a time. Non-metal tank washing machine in the chlorine-antiseptic 300 PPM to 500 PPM ( PPM is one over one million) Aqueous solution, open the back net 3 ~ 5 minutes.

the metal tank washing machine in the content is 0. 5% ~ 1% glutaraldehyde solution soak for 10 minutes to 15 minutes back.

because the mould is very sensitive to temperature, survival rate is very low, in 35 ℃ water in 45 ℃ hot water is almost zero, so clean with 45 ℃ hot water can effectively kill mildew

in addition, for the platen washing machine, can complete monthly run a 90 ℃ high temperature applications, also can have the effect of disinfection.

3, also cannot treat STH lightly for turbine wavelengths,

there is a general pulsator washing machines to collect the small bag of dirty things, need to clear the dirt that which regularly; The platen washing machine is a place to collect the dirty is hidden, usually located in below the washing machine, like a small drawer, should often clean, too.

clean washing machines & other; The indigenous method & throughout;

buy professional cleaning agent, you can with vinegar, detergent and so on has the sterilization effect of cleaner instead, method as above, the same effect.
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