Ironing clothes when he appeared redundant lines? - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-20
Ironing clothes when he appeared redundant lines, is we have to double creases or double furbelow said. This is a manifestation of the pressing technology was not enough skilled. After this happens, the most important is to see the fabrics of clothes is made of what kind of fiber weaving.

if it is cotton, hemp, silk, wool or artificial fiber fabric, after launching the redundant lines can be eliminated, air-dried to ironing.

but if the clothing fabrics using the synthesis of polyester fiber, the line will be more difficult to get rid of excess. The specific method is to first will be to ironing clothes upside down from the back.

in order to make the thoroughly get rid of redundant lines, can be in in the original crease daub some water, can also according to the fabric situation to improve some temperature. After this treatment, repeat the above operation turn to tell the clothing to the front and redundant lines will be removed.
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