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by:Jingliang     2020-07-22
Natural leather, it is the skin of the animals off the road ( The rawhide) After a series of boring and chemical out mechanical, become resistant to chemical action ( Acid, alkali, salt, solvent, etc. ) , resistance to bacterial action, has certain mechanical strength of the material, referred to as leather. Natural leather due to the chemical nature of collagen itself and formed by the intricate woven structure, make its have soft, high wear resistance, high strength, moisture absorption and water vapor permeability ( Comfort) Wait for an advantage.

natural leather in leather raw materials can be divided into cow leather, pig leather, sheep leather, etc. According to the tanning methods can be divided into vegetable tanned leather, chromium ( ge) Tanning oil, aluminum zirconium tanning, tanning, tanning, and so on. According to the purpose can be divided into furniture leather, luggage leather, sofa leather, industrial wipe with leather, gloves leather, leather, garment leather and so on.

leather making process more clothing, from raw hide to leather processing, generally can be divided into the preparation, tanning, three section. The technological process is roughly as follows:

beamhouse: group group - - Go to the meat, Skim) - - Liming - - Hair removal - - Segmentation, split - - Deliming - - Softening - - Pickled

tanning section: chrome tanned - - Let stand - - Squeeze water - - Shaving - - Retanning - - And water - - Dyeing - - Fatliquoring populate

finishing section: water - Sounds - - Dry - - Flat - - - - - - - Trimming - - - - - - - Net surface - - Knead, soft - - Wear leather - - Ironing - - Finishing embossing
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