Knit how _ sweater washing method Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-23
A soft knit unlined upper garment, wearing comfortable, men and women, old and young, suitable for good anti-wrinkle and permeability, for washing sweaters, lots of people are very casually, like ordinary clothes, wash, knit deformation caused by the ball, comfort is greatly reduced, serious deformation, dressed up to the serious influence image, today small make up together and know the most practical simple washing method, does not have the god of science and technology, the Internet a sesame big things to write beautifully!

method is as follows:

1, when catharsis to flip over to clean: wash each sweater in this way, when doing so can reduce the friction of positive, have very good prevention pilling phenomenon.

2, with professional detergent washing: when polyester polyester knit had better use neutral low foam detergent or liquid soap, it is recommended to use divide mite antibacterial liquid soap, which can have the effect of washing, and in addition to mites, can also inhibit mite adsorption, reduce the harm of human body, and low foam water easily, because the knit structure is loose, and is the best hiding place of dust mites.

3, washed by hand as far as possible, warm water, don't scrub, light gentle wash, cold water, finally adding softener to soak for a minute or two, drain water, set good, with mesh bag in lton-us place dry. If must be machine wash, suggest using platen washing machine, washing detergent according to the normal use.

4. Do not use detergent to wash, because is alkaline, damage to knit unlined upper garment comfort, if you really want to do this, please after rinsing, with a little white vinegar bubble water, a bottle cap is ok, don't use too much, otherwise the taste.

5, pure wool sweater advice to the dry cleaner to wash, because water can lead to serious deformation shrinkage, do more harm than good, at home or not, up unless you really have such technology.

6, the processing of sweater pilling, it is good to buy a ball is on the Internet, and inexpensive, convenient and quick, so don't oneself study, everything someone says with a razor, I think you have to have so of patience, you can use, but to maintain good grip strength.
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