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by:Jingliang     2020-07-25
Many people have their own favorite shoes, but as time goes on full shoes also will appear with aging deformation, fade, stubborn stains, and so on and so forth.

shoes dirty every time after class. What should I do?

small make up today to share some practical maintenance moves to everyone:

a basic maintenance,

1, the new leather boots because in the factory, the sales process is long, when it just under the line maintenance have expended much, so after buying new boots should not be immediately put on, should be thin layer of shoe polish, placed in 1 days later.

2, boots serviced once every week, if you feel you preview is too difficult, try shopping mall beauty center of leather shoes.

3, white boots do up more trouble, if dirty is particularly obvious, then rubber can play a role, it can be like removing lead pencil will stain.

4, not more than 3 consecutive days wearing the same pair of, because after a day's wearing boots need to breath, to rest, to have a longer life expectancy.

5, receive boots to clean your boots before, the best in the open air to dry 1-2 days, so it is not easy to become a hotbed of bacteria, mites. After the shoe polish for boots, don't forget to use paper regiment, tucked in the boot to keep boots the best posture.

2, cleaning method

1. White boots

the most delicate white boots, improper cleaning is easy to scour the nonferrous elements to pollution, with other colors. Recommend one of the most practical cleaner or toothpaste. The cleaning ability of toothpaste is very strong, and one of the whitening agent may also become more white boots. Note that the choice of white toothpaste, that a completely white. The other colors of toothpaste will leave a mark on the white boots, or color.

2. Light color boots

what colors belong to light color series? Gray, cream-colored, pink, or the color of camel's hair, for example, although there is no white light color so delicate, but I still have to be careful to deal with. The cleaner had better choose transparent mentioned in front of the detergent and toothpaste. Pay attention to clean at ordinary times, vamp is not particularly difficult stains, the cleaner can also be saved. With a clean soft cloth or a soft brush gently scrub with water, natural dry.

3. Dark boots

dark boots, such as red, black or brown coffee color and so on. Dark is very good, also not afraid to wear dirty, but it is the most afraid of bleach. So in the process of cleaning dark boots do not use detergent containing bleach. Cleaning process cleaning process is the same as the red, the attention, be gentle.
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