Maintenance and washing clothes Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-20
Different types of clothes washing method:

new buy clothes washing & ndash; — Buy new clothes regardless of the brand, will have a certain degree of fade, so it's best to separate from the other clothes washing, and don't add detergent, to prevent fading.

faded clothes washing & ndash; — Can put clothes in the first 5% of the salt in warm water soak for half an hour to wash.

bright clothes washing & ndash; — After the completion of the washing, rinsing, add a small amount of peppermint oil ( Toilet water can substitute for) Soak for 10 minutes, dehydration 2 & ndash; 3 minutes, low temperature drying.

black clothes washing & ndash; — In water rinsing, add some strong tea, coffee, beer, etc. , can make the clothing luster.

white clothes washing & ndash; — Should be separated from the washing, to be more white, but in the rinse is completed, in the water drops 3 & ndash; After 5 drops of pure blue ink, beaten, dry clothes in 2 minutes.

stiff collar shirt in the washing & ndash; — Shirt collar generally is made of linen cloth and resin, when washing with detergent solution soak for 15 minutes with a soft brush gently scrub, not dry, not scrub brush.

dirty clothes washing & ndash; — Washing dirty clothes, not increase the dosage of detergent, but increase the washing times.

tight clothes washing & ndash; — With weak acidic or neutral detergent. Do not scrub brush. When catharsis and optimum

all kinds of clothing store method:

( 1) Cotton, hemp clothing: deposit, the clothes must be clean, dry, fold flat, wardrobe, cabinets and polyethylene bags should keep clean and dry, prevent mildew. Best to separate white dress and dark clothes in, to prevent color or yellow.

( 2) Silk garments: collection, moistureproof and dustproof, to cover on the surface of the clothing wrapped a layer of cotton or silk garments. White dress can put camphorwood box, nor put camphor ball, yellowing easily otherwise.

( 3) Woollen clothing: all kinds of wool clothing wear after a period of time, flap to dry, remove dust. Don't wear when in a dry place. Deposit should be suspended, and the fabric opposite outer, fade in case of weathering, appear the wind. Before storage, should brush clean or wash, iron, dry, ventilated dry day. High-grade wool clothing, the best hanging in the wardrobe, not important, so as to avoid deformation and affect the appearance. Clothing store woollen or blended, you would have a camphor ball wrapped in tissue paper, put in your pocket or closet, inside the box. Plush dress is separated with other clothing store, lest drop wool wool, contamination of other clothing.

( 4) Polyester: synthetic dress is flat, not hanging for a long time, so as to avoid elongation due to suspension. Clothing store with natural fiber blended fabric, can put a small amount of camphor ball or to pesticides, but don't touch; Of synthetic fiber such as polyester, polyamide fiber clothing, do not need put camphor ball, more can't put mothballs, lest the 2 naphthol damage to clothing and fabric.
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