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by:Jingliang     2020-07-19
Wearing fur coat the matters needing attention of

to try to keep clean in a fur coat, should not be wearing snow rainy day. If inadvertently make fur wet or besmirch, must be handled in time, use dry cloth to wipe away the water, and then placed in dry ventilated place dry. If normally clothes stained with dust and dirt, to be wiped in time, the direction of the dirt along the hair with hot towel wipe, avoid the pollution of fur.

collection fur coat do

a fur coat before collection, to air, bask in 2 ~ 3 hours, after waiting for waste heat disperse any collection. Drying should not be particularly want to pay attention to the fur in the sun direct illuminate, best covering a layer of cloth, in order to make sure the luster of the fur, otherwise, the sunlight is easy to make the pedal hard aging, lose the elasticity of the cortex.

2 before collection fur coat, wiped the dust on the surface of first, and inside the clothes we put used paper bag good mothballs, stacked in dry wardrobe. Can't directly with heavy pressure on the clothes. Had better take out clothes to dry before the rainy season, air, spread the moisture, prevent mildew and bug eat by moth.

fur coat to wear in the process of use and collection, is the most afraid of be affected with damp be affected with damp, especially fur the encounter after water, easy to mould, easy rotten, easy to drop hair, the influence of the lightest also can make skin sclerosis. Both in high-grade and low-standard fur should pay special attention to this. When fur once touch water or be affected with damp be affected with damp, must not be baked with fire or with iron very hot, so as to avoid pedal shrinkage, hardening, appear even cracked. Will put the clothes dry air dry, reoccupy brushes to wool brush, so you can restore the same fur clothing.

how summer collection fur coat

in the summer is the best place your fur in a cold storage, avoid high temperature and humidity and insect ant harm, fur garment wash. On light is a dry cleaning and processing process, it won't hurt fur, also won't shrink, fade or deformation. Professional cleaning and polishing can make leather prolong life.

fur clothing should be cleaned once a year. Sometimes fur clothing may seem performance is not dirty, but it needs proper care to maintain flexibility and shiny. Fur clothing should be handed over to professional fur cleaning maintenance center, not to the dry cleaner. Fur clothing with wide shoulder racks must be suspended, and can't use wire hangers. Don't squeeze the fur garment hanging in the wardrobe, to set aside enough space, so as not to crush the hair surface. Don't give fur garment cover plastic or rubber bag, they will block the air circulation, pedal to make clothes dry, such as camphor fur clothing store can be put to pest.

fur coat should be sent to maintain professional vault. Fur storage library according to the quality of the fur, with the most professional, such as temperature, illumination control system, it is unable to do it at home. Fur if literally save at home and rough may well preserved, but the oil content in pedal can form gradually become dry, crack, and not easily repaired again so the summer fur & other; Joe & throughout; Go out may be more economic.
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