Many people don't know! Why do dry cleaning grey? - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-19
Dry cleaners for a long time after shutdown washing the clothes dry cleaners will appear the phenomenon of graying, this is how to return a responsibility?

dry cleaning is actually under the action of mechanical force, wash dirt be removed on the oil into the dry cleaning, the dirt in the part of soluble impurities, the other part is the granularity of the unsolvable dirt, under the action of mechanical force, the fabric surface due to friction super electric charge, and the granularity of the unsolvable dirt will form the opposite electrical charge.

as a result of dry cleaning solvent to dirt suspended time is short, so if you are not able to in a very short period of time remove particulate fouling, take charge of particulate fouling will be in the form of molecular bonds firmly adhere to the surface of fabric, this phenomenon is called dirt deposited again, so you can make the clothing hair grey, once produced, it is hard to remove it.

is one reason for this is that didn't check in the dry cleaners dry cleaning oil soap, should the problem solution is to add a certain amount of laundry soap in the process of dry cleaning oil, it not only has excellent washing effect and function of emulsification, antistatic ability, make the fabric with good touch effect.

many dry cleaners believe that as long as frequent distillation can solve the problem, but in fact, on the one hand, can cause direct operating costs rise, on the other hand, many years of experience tells us that if you don't use dry cleaning oil soap, may never be able to solve this problem, also never enable customers to achieve the result that expect is less than.
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