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by:Jingliang     2020-07-21
Mat belongs to bedding, refers to the bamboo matting for the cool summer or mat. The bedding. Folk call & other; Yamamotothe flower mat & throughout; 。 For the summer. Can the mat exposure?

mat can and should bask in the sun a lot, do good for sterilization, in addition to moisture, can also kill mites. But the sun is not recommended. Had better be in sunshine is not so strong ventilated place dry. Exposure can make the color of the mat is harden, leather seats, deformation and metamorphism, especially bamboo system never exposure.

mat exposure would be like

bamboo is a kind of natural material, it is the strongest in all plants, water is the best one kind of wood, is only relative to other natural material, waterproof effect is very good, short time touch with water there would be no damage, but also can't completely waterproof and prevent dry immersion did not work or if it is their exposure, is still can cause damage to it, make it rendered mouldy appearance, or brittle break easily, cut the use of bamboo system life spans.

bamboo system is usually ventilation for it to dry, or when the sun is not strong, slightly a tan, making it dry faster. With bamboo system users should pay attention to in the home, bamboo system's the best way to clean dishcloth touchs water scrubbing and ventilation to dry, then apply, unfavorable for exposure.
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