Medical stain removal method Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-18
1. Plaster

method one: using alcohol to add a few drops of water, Or use the sorghum wine can also) , where is stained with plaster stains rub, plaster to net, rinse again, or use the roasting of alum and at the end of another can also be washed with water.

method 2: wash with chemical potassium alkanes, reoccupy liquid detergent to wash, finally washed with clear water.

method 3: with edible base surface scatter in dirty place, add some warm water, knead a few times, can be removed. If the base surface when heated in iron scoop to dirt, then rub, wash with warm water and decontamination faster.

method 4: plaster to remove stains, can use first 1 2 0 # solvent gasoline soaked, again with carbon tetrachloride or benzene scrubbing, then wash with soap method purify.

2. Red, crystal violet stain

hongyao tablets with particular:

method one: health potion stain can use white vinegar to wash first, and then use clean water.

method 2: health potion stain wash with warm detergent solution, and then respectively treated with 5% oxalic acid, potassium permanganate, finally using oxalic acid bleaching and washing again.

method 4: merbromin corrupt place first soaked with glycerol scrub, repeatedly with ammonia containing soap to wash again, if you add a few drops of dilute acetic acid solution, then wash with soap, the effect is much better.

method 5: dark clothing on the health potion stain, should wash with low concentration of bleach solution as soon as possible.

crystal violet stain:

a few insurance powder can be diluted with water, use a small hair brush dips in the solution to wipe. Again and again with insurance powder and water scrubbing, until not know ( MAO sticky material, change clothes, silk and direct dye color don't use this method? )

3. Iodine stain

method one: iodine stains can use alcohol or use potassium iodide solution to clean, strong stains can dilute sodium hyposulphite water wipe divide.

method 2: paint iodine corrupt place flour, can be washed off after 15 minutes. Iodine stain the clothes, can be in in the stains with white wine, a little line repeatedly, knead, fade, then wash with soap.

method three: rubbing with iodine stains can be first with starch ( Starch with iodine in black) immediately , and then gently wash with soap and water.

method 4: light of iodine stains can use hot water or alcohol, potassium iodide solution to rub mop is also available. Strong stains can be immersed in 15 In a solution of 20% sodium hyposulphite warm, about 2 hours, then rinse.

method 5: can use acetone wiping iodine stain, and then washed with water.
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