Men's clothing washing and maintenance tips - in summer Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-19
Fashionable men's clothing quality, no longer stay in the pursuit of fashion, but also through meticulous clothing details, to reflect man's delicate taste. Small make up today to tell you about the summer clothing care tips, to teach you how to efficiently manage the summer clothes, on a hot summer remains the perfect shape.

shirt article

confident perfect gentleman image, not only need high quality of the fabric to set off, need more flat is bright and clean dress, to boost their summer glamour.

1) high-end shirt had better choose hand wash or dry clean, if must, be sure to choose gentle washing way. Drum washing machine in the washing and dewatering process of clothing will not be squeezed, collar and cuff button is out of shape not easily;

2. Take out 1 - a week 2 hours ironing a shirt. Ironing order: starting from the collar to the shoulders, sleeves, front left the body to the front of the rear to YouShen;

(3) to travel a lot of business men's tips, fold the shirt before the trip, put in the space of not affected by extrusion, the hotel, namely remove hanging in the bathroom, shirt will remain flat nature;

cotton and linen class shirt do cold water wash & radic; Opposite drying medium temperature pressing

real natural cotton and linen fabrics, but should not be soaked, it is better to wash in cold water. First washing water wash, had better add a spoonful of salt to the cold water. Avoid exposure, drying in the sun for a long time to fade or generic? Reverse, so it's best to dry. But there is a small disadvantage is easy to fold, but high temperature resistant, so generally use 160 & deg; C - 180° C temperature ironing, let it gone.

silk class shirt

do dry cleaning & radic; Hand wash & radic; Soak & times; Sun & times; Ventilated place hanging opposite pressing

this kind of clothes is more complex, recommend dry cleaning, helping to keep its bright colour and lustre. If you want to roll your own, you must remember to use silk detergent, absolutely can't use normal detergent, never use disinfectant, and can't fit into a soak for a long time after washing products. Silk clothing fear sun, like them. Best when eighty percent dry pressing, but should not be directly spray, and its opposite is to iron, temperature control at 100 - 180 degrees. Its hygroscopicity strong, suggest using hangers hanging up in ventilated place.

T-shirt article

the sun of summer, t-shirts in a natural and comfortable features, become a men's favorite seasonal clothing. If able to wear, when washing a little attention to the nursing knowledge, can let a T-shirt is more durable, is like new.

(1) when washing, and more rigid fabric clothes, for the collar and cuffs, don't rub, can use soft brush repeatedly scrub gently;

2. Do not scrub the printing area, lest cause gum blade crack, fall off;

3. Do not use hangers to hang, can damage the clothes and leave a trace of hangers, recommend the use of regular folding method classification stacked;

light cotton T the most prone to yellowing. This is because the perspiration clotting protein on the fabric, failed to timely cleaning or the incomplete, time is long, will become more and more yellow oxide.

light cotton T washing method:

1. Light color cotton T if stick to stain should clean as soon as possible, avoid time is too long, easily nicked, wash the harder.

2. Stains every time to clean thoroughly, showing white T the essence of the original.

3. Don't wash mixed with other colors, to prevent the string color.

dark cotton T washing method:

1, the first foam with clear water + salt wash before wearing it again, remove the floating color, strengthen the fastness.

2, used to neutral ph, detergent containing natural ingredients.

tannins, cowboy

how do literally wash & radic; Don't wash & radic; And other color wash & radic; Low temperature rapid pressing

tannins/denim products is the most let a person worry, suitable for lazy cancer patients, because it is can not wash will not wash. Wash the more it will speed up its color, will also lose fabric texture. Color is a normal phenomenon, not quality problem. Remember that! Be sure to separate it with other color clothes washing, otherwise but will have unexpected & other; Color change & throughout; !

tannins/denim not as delicate as the dermis, pressing it can choose to use iron ironing quickly at low temperature.


you can wear a pair of leather shoes for a lot of bad nuts more than ten years! It is because they will rotate through wear and pay attention to maintenance. Daily wear sticky dust can be used on wet soft cloth to wipe with dry cloth to wipe again after dry. If there are serious besmirch advice sent to professional cleaning store.

want leather shoes is like new, can often wipe a little fastens with color shoe polish, but you have to read the instructions on the use of the shoe polish in advance, don't give it a disfigured. Suggest put shoes in ventilated dry place, avoid direct light. If because of damp, vamp appear mildew, proposal with a soft cloth to dab a small amount of alcohol to wipe with dry cloth to wipe again after dry. Type of shoes here is very important. If you don't want to take out after a period of time to place a plaice is a place on a pair of unidentified object changed, it should be when not wear shoe tree placement, into the box to save.
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