Micellization Ability and Washing Effect in Laundry Powder Formula

by:Jingliang     2023-05-31
Laundry detergent is an alkaline synthetic detergent, a chemical used to wash clothes. The main components of washing powder are anionic surface agent, sodium alkyl benzene sulfonate, a small amount of non-ionic surface agent, plus some additives, phosphate, silicate, Yuanming powder, fluorescent agent, enzyme, etc., after mixing, spraying powder and other processes. The OEM manufacturer of washing powder will introduce the ability of micelles and washing effect in the formula of washing powder: when the concentration of the nominal active agent in the formula of washing powder reaches a certain value, its molecules will form aggregated groups, while reducing the molecular hydrophobicity as much as possible. base interface energy. This concentration is called the critical micelle concentration. This molecular aggregate becomes a micelle of the nominal active agent. The formation of micelles is a process of increasing entropy, which is a spontaneous process. The system forming micelles has thermodynamic firmness, and the shape of micelles is closely related to the concentration of the solution. When the concentration of the nominal active agent in the washing powder technology exceeds the critical micelle concentration, and there are no other additives and solubilizing solvents, the micelles are mostly spherical. When the concentration is equivalent to 10 times the critical micelle concentration or higher, the micelles are rod-shaped, and their thermodynamics are more robust. When the concentration is higher, it becomes a huge lamellar micelle. When the solution is further concentrated, an optically anisotropic liquid crystal can be obtained. An important property of micelles is solubilization. Solubilization is the phenomenon in which water-insoluble liquid substances dissolve into the nominal active agent micelles, resulting in a significantly higher apparent solubility of these substances than in pure water. This scenario arises when the nominal active agent concentration is present above its critical micelle concentration. The solubilizing solution is not a true solution, and its solubilizing amount is not large. The solubilization is caused by the nominal active agent micelle, which is different from the solubilization effect of the mixed solvent. For example, the solubility of benzene in the detergent formula increases in the ethanol aqueous solution, which is called hydrotropism. At this time, the properties of the solution have changed. However, the properties of the solubilizing solution caused by the nominal active agent in the detergent technology product did not change. For individual washing powders, the effect of micelles is not an important factor in the detergency. The oil stain is mainly separated from the fabric surface by the crimping mechanism. Usually at the time of washing, the concentration of the solution does not reach the critical micelle concentration of the nominal active agent. At this time, the nominal active agent of the washing powder is an independent molecule or ion, and with the increase of the concentration, the washing power is strengthened, and when the critical micelle concentration is reached, the washing power reaches the value.
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