Moms pay attention! Four laundry myth is harming the baby! - Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-27
1, the use of adult laundry detergent to wash the baby clothing
many parents use adult laundry detergent to wash the baby clothes, but adult laundry detergent containing make clothing more bright white, clean and soft chemical additives, these additives will be stimulate the baby's skin.
the right approach: try to choose the baby detergent for

cleaning baby clothes, had better use special wash tub special baby, the baby special laundry detergent, soap, etc. In general, is from baby infant special laundry products demand, the PH value neutral, do not add fluorescent agent, bleaching agent and other chemicals, and adult laundry detergent.

also, had better choose medica detergent from plants. In order to protect the baby's skin weak acid the sebum membrane, because the best is neutral.

2, buy new clothes bubble even wash

some mothers think that, one of new dress to 15 minutes or 20 minutes even if wash, can remove the dirt, formaldehyde. Part of water immersion can only dissolve formaldehyde, and low content of formaldehyde residue still threatened healthy baby.

the right approach: wash before fully immerse

the baby clothes are cotton, and has strong adsorption capacity, sufficient to advance before wash new clothes soaked, remove clothing residual part of the reoccupy after chemical detergent thoroughly clean. When washing detergent must rinse clean, at least three times.

3, use the washing machine wash baby clothes

many mom lazy, directly to the baby's clothes into the washing machine, in fact, the washing machine easy to shelter evil people and practices, the bacteria can infect babies, especially the newborn babies, easy to cause skin irritation.

the right approach: had better use hand

washing machine is easy to shelter evil people and practices, and is easy to damage the clothes washed by hand wash can be ensured, and not lose the shape deformation of clothes. So baby clothes washed by hand as far as possible. If there is no energy to hand washing, it is best to choose baby special washing machine.

4, laundry detergent dosage the more the better

laundry detergent dosage should pay attention to & other; C & throughout; , some mother to wash clothes, with a more laundry detergent, but excessive use backfires, no rinse clean laundry detergent great harm to the baby's body.

the right approach: quantitative detergent

when mothers washing clothes should strictly follow the washing instructions on the product packaging to the quantitative. Wash and clean, and not because they have no thoroughly flushed and cause chemical residues.
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