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by:Jingliang     2020-07-30
More to protect clothing, laundry laundry pieces into household cleaning of choice to live in, how many mothers will find clothes more and more hard! Remember just bought back, soft, fine and smooth. Our clothes after washing a few times more, it's not, it's washing method has a problem! Laundry laundry more to protect clothing, has now got the favour of a lot of families, everybody, rounding clothes wash protect knowledge are below.

clothes harden on the one hand, from the water in our lives.

we daily use tap water, from the river, river, lake, reservoir is to filter out the various impurities in the water, dirt, antivirus sent to homes after bleaching. At this time of the water, we call it a hard water. Why call hard water? Because the water contains lots of minerals, such as magnesium, calcium, etc. According to the test, a ton of river is about 1. 6 kg minerals.

why after we usually to boil water to drink? In addition to kill the bacteria and other microorganisms in the water, and a larger effect is to hard water is converted into a soft water. When boiling water, as water temperature rise, some minerals will be gradually settle of white at the bottom of the kettle, namely we often say that scale, it is the main component of calcium carbonate. When we wash the clothes. If you do it with hard water, the minerals of penetration into the cloth fiber inside, over time, certainly will harden.

the stiffening of clothes is another reason for detergent residues.

we use traditional and laundry detergent washing powder, contains a lot of chemicals, such as fluorescent whitening agent, phosphorus, hydrolytic enzymes, they are easy to remain in the clothing fibers, harmful to our health, also caused the clothes. When you wash your clothes, you can touch the dehydration of clothes, if feel a little sticky, which means clothes with a large number of washing chemicals.

is critical clothing care

so speaking of which, the solution is clear. Yes, that is to use no residue washing products! This time, you have to say about the laundry tablets, its biggest characteristic is without phosphorus and fluorescent agent, no residue!

the laundry piece of continuous development of science and technology, washing clothes, healthy perfect consumer demand docking, Dr Net laundry use is neutral gentle cooperate, formula of nano factor can automatically search dirt on clothes, make it out of the clothes, the biggest characteristic is does not contain phosphorus, do not contain fluorescent agent, non-toxic, bright as new after washing, no longer harden and become yellow. Getting old.
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