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by:Jingliang     2020-07-18
Silk cotton and linen & ndash; — All these natural fabrics, director of the quality of summer wardrobe, extends the vitality of the base sheet is tasted, stand in terms of the longer term, distributing unique natural light. And silk clothing is popular with people, change on design modelling variety, meet the aesthetic needs of different people.

so, how to solve the silk washing shrinkage, is also encountered in the daily life more.

the unit of silk

silk fabrics have an amazing unit, meters, English abbreviations is MM. People who do not know real silk fabrics, if only to see MM, will be considered a MM.

but it is not like that, Sam m ( MM) Is not a direct the thickness of the unit, it is just a reflect the weight of the silk fabrics. And it is the conversion between 1 m = 4. 3056 grams per square metre.

common real silk fabrics, 12, 8 mu, and 16 m, 19, m, 30 meters, that is to say, the greater the number, the fabric is heavier, and the price of real silk fabrics is follow the weight, so, meters, the greater the generally speaking, the price will be higher.

silk fabrics shrink why

common varieties of real silk fabrics is roughly to the burnt-out crepe DE chine, heavy crepe, Joe, Joe, Joe, Joe, {sang pu} satin, crepe, stretch satin crepe satin, several kinds of warp knitting, etc. Excellent brands in fabric dyeing and finishing process, all rely on high-tech production process, using environmental protection dye, the color fastness of 3 - - Level 5. In for people to appreciate the unique beauty of color at the same time, the silk fabrics keep the nutritional and natural silk fabrics. 5 - 3%.

if there is no after finishing of silk clothing preshrunk, affirmation is to shrink after washing.

varieties of real silk fabrics is very much, and shrinkage according to the process and variety to vary. The crepe DE chine and shrinkage is one of the biggest crepe satin, shrinkage is the smallest of habotai, georgette center.

how to don't wash silk shrink

1, no matter what silk clothing is must be in accordance with the requirements of the regulations to cleaning, the water temperature is not too high, it is advisable to no more than 30 degrees, can be damaged by high temperature silk, can also lead to shrink.

2, must be washed by hand, don't use the washing machine to clean, or you beautiful silk clothes can have and wire or & other; Double wire & throughout; Wait for a phenomenon appeared.

3, fabric out first, remove dust or miscellaneous line ( Especially the color of the mixed line rub off on the fabric) ;

4, press 0 per meter. 2 g ratio after shake put salt into the cold water, gently put fabric in soak 10 ~ 15 minutes, can rise to protect color, prevent material hardening effect;

5, should not be when catharsis with alkaline detergent and soap catharsis, must choose a neutral detergent. To maintain the silk bright color and soft, can add a few drops of white vinegar to the final rinse.

6, washing by hand gently knead, need water to rinse several times. Don't twist wring, after washing clothes should be carefully picked up, neat shakedown is in a clean towel, roll up slowly with the bath towel to clothing, from the end to absorb most of the water, so as to avoid clothes wrinkled.

7, should choose ventilated place dry after washing, hang your clothes inside out. Because silk clothes easy to fade, the sun damage to clothing fabric, colour and lustre is very large.
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