Multifunctional washing powder Bulk washing powder factory explanation

by:Jingliang     2022-12-14
Interpretation of authoritative experts: We should use intelligent washing powder with caution when using washing powder. Some washing powders in the sales market are all made of petrochemical equipment, commodity benzene, etc. as raw materials. According to different types, In addition to the key ingredients, named active agents, builders, firming agents, optical brighteners, flavors and enzymes are added to achieve the overall goals of dissolving, cleaning, smoothing, foaming, and preventing static induction of clothes. There are too many chemicals added in washing powder, which is likely to make the clothes and trousers cleaned more cleanly, but it is not a good thing for the physical and mental health of consumers. Studies have shown that common builders are harmful to the human liver. There is a certain damage, and the name active agent has long been invented and invented to destroy the stratum corneum of the skin and cause the skin to be rough. At that time, it was regarded as an ecological crisis caused by the natural environment; the alkaline substances contained in the super strong washing powder remove In addition to receiving water, it can also destroy the cytoplasm of the body and transform the protein of the body; the fragrance-enhanced washing powder has too many essences, and the smell is irritating, which often causes some people's skin allergies; the organic chlorine in the whitening washing powder, Fluorescent agent is a toxic substance, which accumulates in the human body casually and causes damage to physical and mental health. Therefore, when purchasing washing powder, it is necessary to choose one that is simple in function, has few added ingredients and has a light taste.
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