Off-line, shrink, pilling, cuff larsson, 5 large sweater common problem easy to solve Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-17
Because often encountered & other; Sweater off line throughout the &; 、“ Sweater shrink & throughout; Such problems, but I don't know how to deal with, which leads to the beloved sweater didn't wear a few times to lose or idle.

small make up today for you to provide these thorny issues solution, let you to return to knit bosom!

1. Knit hook to

a lot of people love to wear rings, necklaces and other ornaments, often appears in the hand is cast sufficient between inadvertently beloved knit hook into sexy 'the hole hole', a little off line problem, but because they don't know how to remedy, let you struggle between wear and don't wear.

how to solve the

using fine needle or stick to take off the line where the hook back clothes inside, and will be back to level off the surface of the shape, the clothes inside the off-line part of the knot.

2. Sweater shrink

many people have always & other; Washing machine is the universal & throughout; Misconception, as long as the dirt on clothes, also regardless of clothing material or wash mark mark, is all cast all the dirty clothes into the washing machine, discovered sweater washed out after bad.

how to solve the

in addition to use neutral cleaner, please see clear washing label before cleaning, can be greatly decreased chance of sweater shrink, but unfortunately if you knit unlined upper garment has shrunk, you can use the following methods:

method 1

using the iron heating sweater fiber ( But make sure laundry service, lest burnt sweater) , or in the electric pot steamed 10 ~ 15 minutes, and strike stretched its fiber, make sweaters to restore the original appearance, Using the heating of the iron, however, requires repeated heating, spin action) 。 Method of


cardboard cut into the size and shape of the sweater was, edges can be used sand paper to grind or a sticky tape to avoid bad knit unlined upper garment, knit set on board with clincher, using iron and ironing, wait for the final knit after cooling is desirable.

3. Stains on sweaters

wear sweaters, accidentally stained with besmirch, if not timely or correct processing, sweater finally only to be thrown into the fate of the old clothes recycling bins.

how to solve the

the best processing way is laundry, if decided to hand washing, we must pay attention to the following several points:

( 1) , wipe besmirch should be on the way to replace to wipe, lest make the dirt expanded.

( 2) Choose the right, in accordance with the different of the wool detergent can't hurt cloth ( Which sweater, cashmere sweater to use neutral detergent) 。

( 3) , avoid water temperature more than 35 degrees, so as to avoid deformation of knitwear.

( 4) Besmirch place, sprayed with detergent let stand a few minutes, after waiting for stain dissolves, and remove the dirt in the form of flap, to avoid strong pull, rub.

4. Sweater cottony ball

the friction between the clothing leading to knit a grain, a grain of more obvious especially in the waist, elbow part, these small bulb carefully, just like falling on the shoulders of dandruff, not only affected the overall wear a beautiful, more will affect others look to you.

how to solve the

sweater cottony ball without wearing a few times, many people will think that is because the material is bad to cause this kind of phenomenon, but quality more good knit more easy cottony ball!

if you want to lighten up the ball, when cleaning, can be knit over again after cleaning, can reduce the chances of surface friction, so as to reduce the generation of the bulb, but cleaning knitwear way is better to dry cleaning, soak hand washing, washing machine is easy to shorten the life of knitwear.

5. Knit cuff is pulled loose

often pull sweater sleeves to the wrist and improper dressing habits, easy to make the knit cuff loose and fall in a lose their original li feeling, not only such, loose cuffs easily sloppy impression to the person, will also reduce the taste of your garments.

how to solve the

to loosen the cuffs soaked into about 40 ~ 50 degrees warm water, take out after a little pressure dry with a towel, and the cuff compiled want towel on the shape of the rear cover, the reuse of steam iron ironed, gently can improve loose after waiting for it to dry.

compared with other clothing, knitwear difficult really many, the next time the thorny problems try these methods, perhaps will knit save back!
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