Online shopping clothes smell or cancer - small make up teach you quickly to taste Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-20
With online shopping clothes more and more popular, some problems followed. Recently a reader in the ms wong, a month ago, she bought a dress from the Internet, just open the package, is a pungent smell smell. The seller explained that because the goods directly from the warehouse, storage time long. But she still smell very heavy, after water rinse dried ms wong had to carefully choose and buy the dress on the shelf.

reporter can be seen on many shopping online buyers similar evaluation: clothes smell, a pungent smell, etc, you not worry, the clothes smell what is the big problem? These smells will harm to health?

the smell from the fabric and production process

, experts say, the smell of the clothes comes mainly from the fabric production process ( Including the fabric after pretreatment, dyeing, printing and finishing) , the pollution in the process of garment processing, storage, etc.

every industrialized production of clothes, every piece of clothing can be met a lot of kinds of chemicals, such as printing, coating, chemical finishing of textiles, may use toluene, styrene, vinyl cyclohexane, phenyl cyclohexane, butadiene, vinyl chloride, aromatic hydrocarbons, organic volatile, and so on.

the smell of these material is different, consumers may be to identify the source of the smell by odor type: clothes with relatively strong acidity may be the problem of dyeing cloth and printed, pigment printing fabric will probably remain some smell of kerosene, and smell fishy smell of clothing must be through the resin finishing of textiles, there are some chemical smell odor is not easy to distinguish.

improper clothes in the warehouse keeping may have only a few mildew, if there are other smells, investigate its reason has defects should be dyed, and the whole.

clothes chemical pollution may cause cancer

experts said, clothing production of chemicals, have the following a harm to human body & ndash; —

is the first to be mild skin irritation. Some dyes acid or alkali clothes but is also harmful to the human body, the body's skin is a neutral or weak acidic, if too high or too low pH value in the textile, will destroy the balance of the skin and resist ability, allergies or cause infection.

serious is formaldehyde. Formaldehyde content is higher clothes, formaldehyde will be gradually released, will produce intense stimulation to human respiratory tract mucous membrane and skin, light person can produce skin allergy, can cause the diseases such as bronchitis.

one of the most serious, is also a lot of people don't understand is carcinogenic substance and the influence of environmental hormones on human health. Carcinogenic substances mainly come from dyes, azo dye, for example, if the dye is absorbed by the skin, may be related to the human body secretes biochemical reactions to form carcinogenic aromatic amine material. There are as many as 118 kinds of international disable dye; Environmental hormones ( Environmental hormone) Is a kind of extremely harmful substances to human health and ecological environment, can severely disrupt endocrine and development of human and animal, result in abnormal of the endocrine system. Mainly used in textile preservatives, fungicide, flame retardant, antistatic agent, plasticizers, Mainly clothing plastic ancillary products such as buttons, accessories, etc. ) 。

experts caution that a man's nose can smell pollution to exceed bid more than four times, the greater the smell, the greater the damage, but the smell is not necessarily, there is no harm to the body, because some of the chemicals are no smell.

so, to ensure the healthy, buy ingredients labels, use complete label, size label and origin label clothing is the most important.

eliminate clothes smell warm saline and more effective than hang dry

, experts say the easiest way to eliminate the clothes smell of is with warm saline soak: with a basin of warm water to join the right amount of salt, stir well, such as salt dissolves all will buy new clothes in the soaking, 10 to 20 minutes, take out and then rinse clean and dry. Or can also be smelly clothes hanging in the bathroom after had just finished washing bath, shut the bathroom door, can also be placed 6 ~ 8 hours. If after soak have peculiar smell, it is best not to wear.

many people hang the clothes dry in ventilated place in addition to the peculiar smell, the effect is not good, because of volatile chemicals is slow, such as formaldehyde volatile need 3 ~ 15 years.
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