Open a new generation of washing mode - laundry tablets Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-30
According to the 2016 China cleaning products industry association, according to data from the 2010 domestic liquid detergent production for 337. Calculate according to the 1. 3 billion 440000 t, 2015 years of washing products per capita consumption of 2. 59 kg, while developed countries, such as Japan's laundry products output fell in 2015, about 730000 t, press 1. 300 million people calculation, laundry products per capita consumption of 5. 63 kg。 Although level has a certain gap between China and developed countries, however, the development trend is consistent, laundry will gradually occupy the market, has become the mainstream in the future detergent market cleaning products. Laundry, compared with traditional washing products, has many advantages. It is the needs of society, the development of science and technology of a product. Laundry, market prospect is bright.

laundry washing industry is the future development trend, experts in 2018 is expected to universal access to everyday life! Because people are fed up with washing powder scattered on, also don't like carrying a big barrel of laundry detergent, - a new household washing products Sliced laundry, let people bid farewell to the era of detergent, laundry detergent, new mode for the fourth generation of washing!

laundry tablets is a kind of new and convenient alternatives to traditional washing powder and detergent products. Laundry water content below 15%, lighter smaller than traditional detergent, this gives consumers a environmental-friendly choice.

laundry tablets can be completely dissolved in the hot and cold water, and phosphorous is biodegradable, suitable for all kinds of washing machine. , laundry tablets

the most rapid development in foreign countries, and laundry sheet about 16 countries in Europe and the United States, the Middle East has large market share, and growing fast.

2, the current situation of laundry formula, technology and development trend. The laundry compared with laundry detergent, there is an obvious advantage in detergency, laundry in the use of nanotechnology, replaced the products in general antiseptic, alkaline phosphate powder, fluorescent whitening agent content, etc.

because laundry extraction is plant raw materials formula, laundry piece of research and development production more flavor types, in order to meet the requirements of modern life for laundry scent.

using the latest nanotechnology forming super concentrated laundry, from now on with bulky easily and big bag of washing powder or moisture content as much as 80% of laundry detergent to say goodbye; In water, soluble in cold water are all can use hot water, pieces of use, no longer need a measuring cup, no leak, follow one's inclinations, open new way laundry.

small volume is only about 1/5 of the other cleaning products, sharply reduce the transportation cost, convenient to carry, does not occupy a space, carry on a business trip, tourism; Deposit deposit solid molding products, more convenient, need not worry about washing powder agglomeration, the problem such as laundry detergent low temperature into a paste.
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