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by:Jingliang     2020-07-28
Improper laundry = destroyed clothing constantly, what is destroyed your clothes?

traditional washing products, such as: detergent powder, laundry detergent, most has the characteristics of strong alkaline, is this why? Because the soda ash has a can to remove fat dirt after saponification of special effects. This is its advantages, but compared with its drawbacks, the advantages of it becomes less important. What are the dangers of alkali, you must know, every time or washing, is the clothes for you. Strong base for the damage clothes, roughly divided into the following three kinds:

1, the more clothes washed harder. Inferior product contains strong alkali, will rot the molecular properties and structure of the deep, soft and comfortable clothes after alkali corrosion, harden, people soon. Originally elastic cultivate one's morality dress, also can become loose or tight, lose their beauty.

2, as it without washing clothes. In fact, many times is not the quality of the clothes out of the question, but the arrangement of alkali damaged clothing fabric, greatly reduces the service life of making clothes, didn't wear long appeared quality problem.

3, clothes color more wash more weak. The bright clothes to wash a few times, but have dimmed, not once look gorgeous. Alkali corrosion is why, in the clothing dye, exacerbating the color dodge this process.

shrink laundry piece of 9 big advantage

nonpoisonous and harmless, maternal and child at ease with the

small size, then deposit is easy with the

PH neutral, it does not hurt the skin, clothing aseptic except mites, super clean

dissolve quickly, easy to rinse the

natural formula, green

charming scent, lasting fragrant

cleaning, disinfection, soft color,

efficient, economical and practical

no phosphorus, healthier

shrink laundry tablets using steps:

1, will need to wash the dirty clothes into the washing machine.

2, depending on the number of your laundry appropriate to join this product. 1 and 4 kg, 3 kg of washing, roughly 1 pieces of clothing. More than 3 kg clothes, need add 2 slices. More than 6 kg of clothes, need to add 3 pieces.

3, cover washing machine to start washing

4, washing over, dehydration dry.
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