Open new concept - laundry laundry tablets Music in Japan

by:Jingliang     2020-07-30
Under the situation of the rapid economic development, people also more and more attention to health problems in the quality of life. Concerns over the health at present, mainly concentrated in air quality, food safety, the travel difficulties and so on various aspects, but there is one aspect we should pay enough attention, this is washing supplies.

now, many manufacturer of detergent powder, clean the toilet and laundry detergent, in order to increase bright whitening effect, after cleaning products will add fluorescent whitening agent, but consumers don't know this kind of whitening agent contain a chemical that is not easy to decompose, and the body protein quickly able to combine, causing the liver burden. So focus on cleaning products, is the basis of health care.

laundry tablets, is a kind of brand-new cross time wash protect products, first of all, the use of nano super concentrated molding technology, make wash protect product sheet to make it, so to realize quantitative wash protect overcomes the traditional detergent, laundry detergent, liquid soap, facial cleanser, etc used in the measurement of trival, namely save products, its low foam the environmental characteristics of the super concentrated and save water, and very light and portable, secondly its ingredients are all natural does not contain fluorescent whitening agent, phosphorus and other harmful ingredients of phytochemicals, healthy environmental protection, popular in Europe and America market gradually, become subverts the traditional wash protect industry innovators, a new era of care has been open.

laundry tablets using the latest nanotechnology forming super concentrated laundry, from now on with bulky easily and big bag of washing powder or moisture content as much as 80% of laundry detergent to say goodbye, all can use hot water and cold water, pieces of use, no longer need a measuring cup, no leak, follow one's inclinations, open new way laundry; Laundry with anionic surfactant, non-ionic surfactant and amphoteric surfactant, can deep clean clothes, give you different clean.

clothes every day come into direct contact with the skin, so healthy catharsis things will be more and more liked by consumers, the market space will be bigger and bigger. Laundry tablets do real excellent quality, care for health.
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