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by:Jingliang     2020-07-30
With the development of The Times, the progress of production technology and innovation, in order to satisfy the demand of the market, constantly new laundry products. Catharsis things as families necessary household daily necessities, experienced by the original natural honeylocust to laundry soap, detergent powder, laundry detergent, the evolution of laundry. Every product technology innovation, influences People's Daily care habits. New revolutionary leader is impels the laundry. The traditional detergent market supplies, to open the new era of laundry.

compared with traditional washing supplies, laundry slice of what are the advantages?
a, health and safety of formula
laundry tablets as a new type of washing supplies and the traditional washing supplies the distinction that having essence, laundry with German research and development of nanometer enzyme concentrations, will be highly concentrated liquid curing of active matter, do not contain fluorescent whitening agent and phosphorus substances such as, currently on the market the most common and laundry detergent washing powder, washing powder to become the most mainstream laundry products in the last century. However, washing powder has great stimulation to the skin. In addition, the detergent can not dissolve in water very well, will form the sediment, attached to the surface of clothes, reduce the washing effect, and not easy to rinse. Because at present already in most households.

than washing powder, detergent softer, easier to dissolve. But in recent years, safety problems emerge in endlessly about laundry detergent. In order to achieve whitening effect. Many composition containing fluorescent whitening agent and phosphorus, including fluorescent whitening agent most harmful, fluorescent whitening agent residue on clothes after washing, through the human body skin contact, easy to induce cells in the body of cancer, the old man and child resistance is low, tend to be more easily & other; Throughout the effects &; 。 Enzyme super concentrated laundry laundry pills can assure the security of human skin, infant clothing, close-fitting clothing can be at ease use.

2, super concentrated second stripping technology without residual
it washing supplies market formula is ordinary, more concentrated, and laundry use 4 times super concentrated formula, as much as 70% of biodegradable active enzyme, 1 piece can be 3 kg washing, weighs less than one over ten of the traditional laundry detergent, clean force is six times that of the traditional laundry detergent. Instant technology, under the influence of water at the same time of strong decontamination and no residual, easy to rinse, let more thorough washing, water saving more worry.

3, clean, protective clothing, smooth functions in one
now on the market detergent mainly clean function, want clothes soft, need to cooperate clothing fabric softeners are used together, steps and trival and need to rinse for many times, and laundry piece just one piece, can make clothes clean, protective clothing, smooth one pace reachs the designated position, time, and make the chores easier.
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