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by:Jingliang     2020-07-29
According to the related department of health statistics, modern women diseases increased from 30% to 75%, cancer and other diseases are more and more. Bad living habits, health habits, and even our daily wear ordinary clothes can give health brings huge hidden trouble. While traditional detergent and chemical add detergent accumulate over a long period of harm to human body is usually ignored by people.

calcium culprit & ndash; P
in soap, washing powder can add phosphorus is used to decompose dirties, but long-term exposure to phosphorus will directly affect the human body to absorb calcium, for inducing cartilage in children, the old man cause disease such as osteoporosis, waist and leg pain. And phosphorus in the eutrophication pollution caused by emissions, has caused an irreversible environmental damage.

refused to false slip & ndash; Talcum powder

talcum powder due to its smooth effect is widely used by many laundry tablets on the market, but the asbestos and heavy metal content has been confirmed by experts have carcinogenic risk. Residues, including clothing, easily into the women's private part, cause disease of department of gynaecology even ovarian cancer.

chemical anticorrosion & ndash; Preservative

to prolong shelf life many detergent will add preservatives, DNA but preservatives contact can damage skin cells, long-term use can cause allergic skin rash, such as serious cause cancer, and preservatives into skin metabolism of not easy to be ruled out.

cancer killer & ndash; Benzene

benzene chloride as the main component of foaming agent is a traditional detergent, after long-term exposure can cause headache, nerve numb, and even cause leukemia. Each year about 5 million leukemia patients in our country, also in the rise in 80000, which the common characteristic of the kind of person is long-term exposure to benzene, formaldehyde.

stealth killer & ndash; Fluorescent agent

fluorescent agent is one of the common understanding of laundry detergent ingredients, it can and fabric superposition of yellow light reflecting white light, give a person with the visual effect of whitening. Once fluorescent agent into the body, not easy to decompose, and will greatly weaken the human body immunity, damage to the blood circulation system, hinder the wound healing and even cause cancer.

health benchmarking & ndash; Laundry tablets

laundry tablets farewell the easily and laundry detergent washing powder leakage, it is not convenient to carry out the problem, it is convenient to use and carry. And without phosphorus, benzene, talcum powder, fluorescent agent, no preservatives. Decontamination bacteriostatic, smooth bright clean, safe and close skin, lasting fragrant, overturns the traditional washing mode, bring the green healthy new experience!
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