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by:Jingliang     2020-07-20
A few days ago we celebrated & other Great heat & throughout; Solar terms. Folk have & other; Slight heat great heat, steam cooking & throughout; 、“ Before and after the great heat, hot die loach & throughout; Proverbs, such as in most areas also ushered in the high temperature and wet & other Sauna day & throughout; 。 Some people choose to drink cold drink everyday to avoid go out at noon, some people choose to vacation in the beach surfing, swimming. That to choose favorite travel to the seaside, swimsuit washing and maintenance and to know how much? Introduce below small make up for you:

about washing:

1. Swimsuit is direct contact with the skin clothing, should pay special attention to more when washing, first of all, the water temperature shall not exceed 30 degrees, because of the particularity of swimwear, water temperature is too high will damage the fabric, aging and loss of elasticity.

2, dissolved the neutral detergent or laundry detergent into the water after washing liquid to make, in the need to clean the swimsuit, about 15 minutes after soaking lightly press wash or catch; Do not use detergent, bleach, etc. , also do not use machine wash and dry, after washing out to dry in the shade, not exposure.


soaking time the longest no more than 4 hours, lest appear on color phenomenon; Choose washing products not contain bleaching ingredients at the same time, to prevent the occurrence of fade dark suits for long soaking time;

water temperature should be controlled under 30 degrees Celsius, it is advisable to hand wash, do not dry clean, machine wash and iron. ( Note: net fabric swimsuit to gently wash)

about using:

1, should be taken before the water will get wet swimsuit with water;

2, gently pull the fabric before wear swimsuit, prevent swimsuit improperly stored for too long, fabric adhesion phenomenon.


avoid suntan oil, disinfectant, cosmetics and other chemical contact clothing;

avoid contact with sharp objects;

avoid wet swimsuit for a long time in plastic bags or blended with other clothes put in storage, not wet swimsuit will

in ventilated place or high temperature condition ( Such as car boot, etc. )

about maintenance:

1, swimsuit, after cleaning to be placed in a cool, ventilated place dry, do not put in direct sunlight exposure;

2, save for a long time, please do not placed in moth-proofing product thick flavour box enclosure;

3, thoroughly clean after each use, in case of damage swimwear cause aging;
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