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by:Jingliang     2020-07-17
In the past few years, various types of detergent emerge in endlessly, this is because one kind of product can't meet the demand of all the laundry.

the following is about the different types of detergent and clothing fabric softeners simple guidelines.

the enzymes or no

enzyme is a kind of protein materials used in the detergent, help break down stubborn stains, such as grass, and blood. When used in warm water, clean effect is better, For example, 30 - 40 ° C) the water temperature of 。

no enzyme products in handling certain types of stain effect is not ideal.

what is containing enzyme detergent?

containing enzyme detergent containing specific enzymes, its purpose is to remove a specific stain.

in general that commonly there are four types of enzyme containing detergent enzymes:

protease is used to remove blood, eggs, milk and protein based stain.

lipase specifically for oily or greasy stains, such as butter, oil, gravy, makeup and lipstick.

amylase, which is mainly composed of starch can purify besmirch, such as meat, potatoes, pasta, rice, and chocolate. In most cases, these stains are not obvious, but if not timely cleaning, they can cause local color or fade.

cellulose enzyme, unlike the other three enzymes, but they cannot effectively remove stains, cellulose enzyme is cellulose fibers ( Cotton) To remove the micro fiber cotton fiber on the fabric. Cellulase, therefore, have prevent cottony ball, recovery, to soften the fabric color, surface polishing, and other functions.

liquid or powder

the detergent cleaning effect is good, washed by hand and machine wash.

liquid dissolve quickly, especially suitable for hand washing and quick wash process.

powdered detergent are generally easier to measure.

type or placed on front-loading washer applicable detergent

type washing machine placed on special detergent can produce a large number of bubbles. Very suitable for overhead type washing machine, double barrel of washing machine and washed by hand, but is not suitable for superposed or efficient washing machine.

a lot of bubbles could damage the front-loading washer and efficient washing machine, so we need special low foam detergent, such as automatic upgrade laundry detergent products, will only produce a small amount of foam in the process.

fine fabric detergent for

some fine fabrics, such as wool and silk, and should not be used with bleach or any enzyme detergent for washing.

special detergent containing enzymes, pH neutral, not containing bleach or whitening agent, can make the fabric good cleaning effect. ”
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