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Shanghai Beauty Expo | Jingliang Exhibition Continues to be Hot

Shanghai Beauty Expo | Jingliang Exhibition Continues to be Hot


The much-anticipated 27th Shanghai CBE Beauty Expo officially kicked off today at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre (Pudong). Elite Bright's 3-day exhibition showcases a full range of laundry products for the exhibitors, and at the same time discusses and exchanges with the exhibitors with the help of this exhibition.


Negotiation and Co-operation

Shanghai, the prosperity of business activities is a significant symbol of this city, the exhibition held in Shanghai has more industry benchmarks and wind vane leading role, attracting the country and even the world to participate in the Shanghai Beauty Expo.

On the first day of the exhibition, the Jingliang booth was crowded with people at a glance, and the venue was crowded with people. Our staff is dedicated to explaining to the guests, and really achieve one-to-one communication and negotiation docking.

Continue to lock the booth

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Looking forward to your visit!

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