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by:Jingliang     2020-07-21
Summer arrived, often want to change clothes, the correct washing method for each baby care is very important, also is related to you the next wearing effect, now share with you the following clothing washing method.

【 Cotton material. Washing method:

1, alkali resistant, heat resistant performance is good, can use all sorts of detergent, can be washed by hand machine wash, but unfavorable chlorine bleaching;

2, white clothes available high temperature alkaline strong detergent washing, bleaching effect;

3, do not soak, washing in time;

4, should be in order, avoid exposure, lest fade dark clothing, drying in the sun, inside out;

5, separately from other clothes washing;

6, soak time cannot too long, to avoid fade;

7, do not twist dry.

【 Hemp material 】 Washing method:

1, with cotton fabric washing requirement basically the same;

2, washing should be more soft than cotton fabric, avoid is scrub the, avoid hard brush wash, avoid twist wring forcibly.

【 Wool. Washing method:

1, not alkali resistance, should choose neutral detergent, had better use wool detergent for

2, soak in cold water for short periods of time, washing temperature does not exceed 40 degrees;

3, the squeeze washing, avoid twist wring, extrusion in addition to water, split the air-dried or binary suspension order, do not insolate

4, wet or work partly plastic, plastic can except wrinkles;

5 pulsator, machine wash, do not use washing machine, suggest to use platen washing machine, should choose to wipe.

6, high-grade wool or wool and other fibers blended all clothing, suggested that the dry cleaning.

7, classes and suit jacket should be dry-cleaned, should not be washed, avoid by all means use rub garment board the rubbing.

【 Silk material 】 Washing method:

1, avoid alkaline detergent, should choose neuter or silk special detergent.

2, cold water or warm water wash, should not be soak for a long time.

3, gentle washing, avoid twist wring, avoid hard brush to wash.

4, should be air-dried, death bask in, not dry.

5, part of the fabric should be dry, dark silk should rinse, lest fade. Separated from other clothes washing, avoid by all means twist wring.

【 Jeans 】 Washing method:

especially dark denim jeans, if it is to buy back the water for the first time, the need to pour some vinegar in the water, soak for about half an hour at the same time to turn the pants over, used to lock the color. Because brunet pants is bound to have a little faded, and white vinegar can make that kind of blue color to keep the original luster. Please don't use hot water soak pants, that would have greatly shrink phenomenon, average water temperature around 45 degrees of change. If possible, please don't use the washing machine to wash jeans, that will destroy the feeling of a fold pants, grey trousers, the natural ground white trousers body also can become not natural. You can also use strong brine immersion for lock color two hours.
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